Most kids undergo a phase in their lives where they are sassy, disrespectful and mouthy in their attitude not only to their parents, but to other older people too. This is usually a consequence of the various pressures they go through in their environment and the attitude is a means of venting out the stress of these pressures.

As a parent of such a child, you wonder how you should actually deal with the situation. You wonder if you should ignore the behaviour, confront your child and take action or if there is some other better alternative. To get this answer, it is better to first realize and understand the reasons for your child harbouring this behaviour.

Common Reasons For The Behaviour

The most common reason is some emotions like anger, frustration and a need to get even with the people they think they were not treated fairly. Moreover, as abusive action tends to hurt people and make them small and afraid, your child becomes commanding in nature so that you and other adults will give in.

Accordingly, here are some suggestions to handle your mouthy kids in different situations.

1. Kids generally use abusive language to attack parents so that they can be in control. As they are not intimidated by the consequences, instead of scolding your child, its better asking them what is wrong. There’s no point threatening them as it only worsens their behaviour.

2. With kids that tend to talk back to you or others with sarcasm, it’s better not challenging them as the more you challenge them, the more power they have over you. Instead, don’t challenge them as the less challenge you give them, the less power or control they have over you.

3. In case your kid tends to give disrespectful replies, you have to give them firm replies and tell them to do whatever chore you had told them to do in the first place. Tell them the consequences they have to bear if the chore is not attended to, and make sure the consequences are implemented if your child fails to abide your rules.

Examples of effective consequences are taking away things your child is fond of like video games, mobile phone access, TV and the like. Taking away toys from younger kids help teach them to comply.

4. In case your child sasses you in public, it’s important you correct them in public too. You can tell them not to talk to you that way, and if things continue, it’s better taking them away to the car or to some place where you two can discuss and talk things over.

So to effectively control your child, you have to first understand why your child behaves in such a manner in the first place. So discuss this behaviour of theirs with them, and keep your communication lines always open while exercising your authority as a parent.