Weight loss is sought after by a majority of the human population. Everybody wants to lose weight in a short period of time and also maintain this weight they have lost. Maintaining lost weight is a harder task. It is fairly easy to lose weight if you put your mind to it, but maintaining the slim body is something a lot of people are unable to do. Here are a few tips to help you stay slim forever.

1. Exercise is not only for the gym:

Exercise is key to losing weight but this cannot be restricted only to the gym, in order to maintain lost weight, everyday life style activities should involve a little bit of exercise. Instead of lazing around you can condition your body to perform simple life style activities while simultaneously burning calories. Instead of taking the car to places nearby you could walk it, and instead of sitting on a couch while talking over the phone you could stand or pace around. These minor exercises will condition your body to always burn a few calories, in which case maintaining lost weight becomes easier.

2. Watch liquid calories:

It is easier to gain calories from fatty liquids compared to solids. The body does not recognize liquid calories as well as it recognizes solid calories so they go in without notice. Milk, sugar sweetened beverages, alcohol etc, are examples of liquids that instantaneously increase calories. If you downsize your milk intake and limit the consumption of sweetened beverages and alcohol, you can very easily reduce the intake of calories.

3. Modify the food you eat:

Modify your diet and consume food items that have lower calorie density. Foods of lower calorie density are rich in fiber, water and contain less fat, high calorie density foods on the other hand are dry foods that do not contain much water and are usually baked and contain high levels of salt and sugar. Even if these high calorie density foods are low in fat, their consumption must be very limited. Only if you condition your body to consume low calorie density foods you will be able to maintain lost weight.

4. Have a back-up plan to make sure you eat healthy and keep exercising:

Most people have busy jobs that create situations where you cannot go home to prepare yourself a healthy low calorie density meal. Anticipating such situations you should chart out a back-up plan that gives you an alternative option to eat healthy. If you cannot cook at home find restaurants nearby that offer low calorie density foods or you have someone who can bring it for you. Similarly on the days you cannot go to the gym you can do an extra mile of walking or jogging while returning home or do push-ups or other similar simple exercises when you are on a break. If you always make sure you have a back-up plan that will help you maintain your diet and exercise schedule, maintaining lost weight will be fairly easy.