Home remedies are a very trustworthy option in a baby’s health, especially for their developing immune system. Changes in weather patterns may bring about some changes in the babies well being, it’s of the utmost importance to have a few tricks up your sleeve, after all these methods have been tested by generations of mothers who had the well being of their young ones at heart.

Here are some tried and tested home remedies for curing common ailments.

#1 Cough

When the baby is coughing, loosening the phlegm will be a big step in treating the ailment. If the cough sounds more like a bark its highly advised to contact the doctor, but if it seems more like a simple cold symptom then these steps could really help in treating the condition.

Home Remedies for Baby Cough

     Steaming the Bathroom
While the hot shower is running take the baby into the bathroom and keep the door closed in order for the steam to build up. This will in turn loosen the phlegm. Giving the baby a warm bath will also have the same effect.

In decongesting a stuffy nose which is usually accompanied by coughing, spraying a few drops of saline solution (salt and water) in to the baby’s nose, this will clear out the decongestion. The saline solution can be made by a mixing not more than a quarter teaspoon of salt into a cup of water.

    Herbal Rub
Adding a drop of eucalyptus oil in one tablespoon of olive oil will formulate a homemade rub. Rub the herbal rub over the chest of the baby and cover it up so as that heat generated by the body discharges the eucalyptus scent.

In case of dry air, using a vaporizer with a few eucalyptus drops added in the water will pump in cool air.

#2 Teething Ailments

Watching a child experience the anguish of teething is very disturbing. It can transform you from a happy parent, to a victim of a drooling, frowning and unhappy child. Here are easy ways to ease your child’s discomfort with some home remedies.

  Gum Massage
For this old fashioned remedy all, you really need is clean finger and gentle pressure to the baby’s sore gums.

  Cold Spoon/Freeze Foods
A spoon cooled in the fridge, but not the freezer, will offer relief to the swollen gums. Apply the rounded part of the spoon to the child’s gums, also letting a baby chew on cold food will have the same effect of alleviating the pain.

  Cold Cloth
Chilled or frozen cold wet cloth can be dipped in breast milk or water can bring a relief for a baby to gnaw on.

 Distracting the Baby
In some cases having a few laughs or doing something fun can alleviate the pain.

#3 Fever

Home Remedies Infant Fever

A fever is simply the body’s defense against infections; the heat effectively kills all the infection, so it’s vastly advised to let it run its course. In the situation that the temperature is especially high (over 100 degrees) steps can be taken to lower it, so as to bring comfort.

Start by undressing the baby, uncover the hands, feet and head to decrease the body temperature.
• Place a wet cloth on the forehead while the child rests.

• Bathing the baby in lukewarm water for at least 20 minutes will also lower the baby’s temperature.

• Lots of fluids are needed to replace those lost while the body was hot. Give the baby a lot of opportunities to rehydrate effectively.
• Rubbing egg whites on the sole of the baby’s feet will also drop the temperature down.
• Wet the baby’s hands and feet with white vinegar or lasting application, soak the baby socks and glove with the white vinegar and put them on the child.

#4 Colic

Colic is both a frustrating and exhausting condition, the parent may have a lot of sleepless nights and endless screaming from the baby. It may seem like the torture is endless but the condition is both curable and avoidable. The exact course of this condition is highly controversial and the condition is thought to be motivated by specific factors such as: emotional stress, vaccinations, general fussiness, food allergies etc.

There Are A Few Remedies That Can Be Used To Relieve The Pain.

 Burping the Baby

Burping the child especially after breast feeding will reduce the amount of gas in the baby’s system, hence reliving the pain.

Gripe Water

Colic calm grip water is a homeopathic remedy which contains herbs that balance the digestive systems. COLIC CALM is important because it’s a homeopathic treatment for infant colic and does not present any type of chemical into the baby’s body like other non-homeopathic grip water can.

These Are The Herbs Contained in Colic Calm Gripe Water:

• Peppermint for aiding in digestion.
• Ginger which treats muscle spasms, nausea in turn encouraging smooth digestion.
• Chamomile for easing nervous tension and calming the baby down.
• Fennel for relieving both cramping and intestinal spasms.
• Caraway treats heartburn, indigestion and reflux.
• Aloe for gas, which is bloating related.
• Blackthorn which encourages regularity and also eases cramps.
• Lemon balm which encourages sleep and relieves gas pains.
• Vegetable charcoal for eliminating body toxins.

Relaxing Massage
Massaging the baby’s tummy gently with your three middle finger, releases the tension from the baby’s tummy. You can make a herbal rub by simply missing one teaspoon of almond oil with of lavender.

#5 Dry Skin

A Baby’s skin is more delicate and sensitive compared to an adults skin and they are more susceptible to dry skin. There are various reasons that cause dry skin in babies. Cold dry air outdoors and in door heating may play a role in the appearance of dry patches on a babies skin, specific type of shampoos can also cause dry skin, baby’s skin can also be irritated by harsh fabrics detergent.

Home Remedies Dry Skin

Some Home Remedies for Babies Dry Skin are:

After bath, dry the baby gently and apply moisturizer immediately. Baby’s moisturizer should be selected carefully to ensure its fragrance free, alcohol and other various chemicals that may be harsh to the child’s skin.

Lack of fluids can cause dehydration sucking the moisture from the skin. Its important to make sure that the child gets necessary fluid intake to avoid dehydrating the skin.

Air conditioning and indoor heating causes the skin to become dry, putting a humidifier in the child’s room will keep the baby’s skin soft and moist.

Aloe Vera
Aloe has natural anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties, you can use the aloe extract by breaking a leaf. Aloe Vera is directly absorbed in to the skin providing the child with moisture.


In conclusion, guardians have always looked to their gardens to cure common baby illness. In this current generation alternative remedies are both common to adults and babies, whether it’s a juice or a herbal rub to relieve constipation or coughs and fever natural remedies offer cheap strategies to ease uncomfortable ailments. These are some of the common home remedies that will make you and your baby happier.