Whatever the purpose of travelling, be it a family reunion, train travelling to a weekend getaway or a vacation around the world, travelling is stressful. It is really hard to look good on the go. Well. It is said that it is not much of a difficult situation to look good while travelling provided you follow a few skin care tips.

Keeping Your Skin Moisturized

Ensure to apply a good intense moisturizer the night before you intend travelling. This will help keep your skin hydrated, especially if you are flying.

Dump The Foundation

Using a moisturizer alone and keeping away from foundation on the day of your travel will help keep your skin look glossy. Apply a dash of moisturizer just before you land. If you cannot stay without foundation ensure you apply a primer first. This will prevent skin dehydration along with keeping the foundation last longer.

Use Blotting Paper On Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, blotting out the oil from the skin by dabbing will help remove the excess oil without removing required moisture.

Don’t Use Lipsticks That Last Long

The long lasting lipsticks will remove the moisture from lips and make them parched. Using lip stain instead topped with lip gloss will help with the hydration and will keep you lips looking luscious. Using lip balms throughout your journey will ensure they don’t get parched.

Combat Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes are a definite happening when you travel long distances. In order to reduce puffy eyes you can put crushed ice in a cloth and keep applying under the eyes. This trick apart from making you look great will also waken you from the sleepiness.

Do Not Feel Your Face

Keeping your hands off your face will do you a lot of good. Feeling your face often will cause breakouts to occur. You would be picking up a lot of bacteria that may cause these breakouts. Your hands may be carriers of these bacteria. Using a bacterial hand wash will help in combating breakouts too.

Cleanse Your Face

Cleansers are a must on the go. Removing the grime and dirt will help keep your skin healthy. Never change the cleanser brand on the move because this will change the acid balance and cause breakouts. It is therefore a must to carry your cleanser along.

Taking care of your skin when you travel is vital if you intend to enjoy the rest of your vacation. Making use of these tips will help you look good and feel confident.