Hiding dark circles: One very important thing that most people forget to do is apply moisturizer before applying concealers. Not only do the moisturizers coat the skin, they also make the concealer application a smooth process. It is always advisable to use SPF moisturizers. Once you are done applying the moisturizer, the next step is to apply the concealer. The concealer should be applied only on the necessary areas. When it comes to concealing dark circles, apply a little bit of concealer over the area in the form of stripes or dots using a concealer brush and blend it into your skin using your ring finger with the gentlest touch. Do not be rough because these are sensitive areas. To get fine lines, its always best to use the tip of your brush instead of your finger. When it comes to the type of concealer to be used, try a creamy formula that matches your skin tone.

Using foundation sticks: It is very important you use the foundation stick in the right areas. If used right, foundation sticks can help you get an even skin tone. Foundation sticks emphasize on your features, so you should use a foundation stick to place emphasis on features that define your type of face, namely, the cheekbones, nose and eyes. Use the foundation stick like a marker and apply it over your cheekbones, edges of your nose and the base of your eyebrows. This will give you a defined look, but if you want to highlight your features a little more you can use another foundation stick of a slightly darker shade and apply it next to the previous application. You can then use your fingers to blend into your skin. This will give you an even skin tone and highlight your features.

Hiding blemishes: We’re all haunted by blemishes which are annoying but can be easily concealed using a concealer. You could either use the same conditioner you used to hide dark circles or you could chose another concealer. It is advisable to use concealers that contain salicylic acid, which is a chemical that helps treat blemishes. Whatever concealer you use it is important you do not apply it on your face straight from the tube, you should instead put a little bit of it on your concealer brush and then use your ring finger to dab it down and smoothly blend it around the outer perimeter of the blemish. The point is not to blend it completely into your skin, but let a little bit stay. To make sure that the coverage stays, dab a tad bit of powder over the area, this absorbs oil and makes sure that the concealer stays.

Blush: When it comes to blushes, its always better to use a creamy one instead of a powdery one. Choose a blush shade of your choice and smear some over the apple of your cheeks. You should then blend with your fingers. Make sure you blend the blush up towards your temples for the perfect look.Blush

Eye make up: Before you move on to the application of eyeshadow over your eyelids, apply a bit of eye shimmer in the colour of your choice. If you have oily eyelids, you can apply a primer before you put on the shimmer. For the eyeshadow, use a flat shadow brush for the application and use your fingers to smudge it across your eyelids. Make sure the eyeshadow does not smudge into your brow bones. Eyeshadow application works out best when there are no rough lines and the colour smudges smoothly into the skin. If you are looking to hide your under eye circles, it is best to dab a bit of gold eye shadow on the edge of your lower eye lid, dark colours tend to emphasize on the dark circles.

Eye make up

The final touches: Once you’re done highlighting your eyes, you can use a brow liner pencil to highlight your eyebrows. Make sure you use the pencil at the start of your eyebrows and smudge it across using your shadow brush. You can also apply mascara to both the top and the bottom lashes for a lush look. For your lips, first apply a lip balm to make sure they are smooth and supple. Then choose a lipstick colour and apply it to the center of both your lips and blend. To add a little bit of shine, put on some lip gloss.