Hair loss has become a universal issue. Irrespective of gender and age it threatens everyone across the globe. Now a day we get to see youngsters and that too girls going bald near the crown. It is quite unfortunate and the lifestyle changes over a decade attributes much to it. Though it’s a old adage, it still carries its worth – “prevention is better than cure”. There are a lot of factors that contribute to hair loss, air and water pollution, bad food habit, depression, genetic etc.

Here in this article we give some insight on ways and means to prevent hair loss. This will not only help in reducing hair fall but will also enhance the quality of the hair and make it look shining and clean.

Life cycle of hair
Before knowing how to fight hair loss, we should be aware of the life cycle of a hair and how we loose hair. There are three stages in a hair growth, they are Anagen, Catagen and the last one being telogen phase. Each hair in our head will belong to either of these phases. When the hair is in the last phase which is telogen phase, it does not grow further and it stays dormant for some time, which is usually for a couple of months. After which the strand is pushed outwards and the new hair starts from the Anagen phase.

When the hair is pushed out of the strand we experience hair fall. On an average 100 strands of hair is being lost and it is considered to be customary. However when we lose more than that we have to get conscious about and prevent hair fall.

Quality of Water
The first and foremost reason hair loss will be the quality of water. When the water is hard with high density of salt, or when it has impurities like chemicals then it directly affects the hair and weakens it resulting in hair loss. So it is a good idea to check the water quality before you move in to a new place. Having a periodic check on the water, where you have been living helps to detect the problem at the earlier stage and helps in taking preventive measures.

Bad Diet
The food that we eat contributes majorly towards the hair growth. When we do not have a perfect balanced diet which comprises of fruits and vegetables sufficiently then the hair does not get the enough nutrients that it needs. This results in hair fall. Deficiency of certain iron, zinc and other minerals induce hair fall, so including a wholesome diet everyday will help to fight hair loss.
As much we talk about a balanced diet, it is equally important to drink plenty of water, which is a cleaning agent and helps in improving the quality of hair.

Apart from water pollution, air pollution also contributes to hair fall. When hair is exposed to dirt, smoke and chemicals hair fall becomes unavoidable. Taking appropriate care and covering oneself with a scarf helps in the dirt getting accumulating in the follicle and thereby hindering the hair growth.

Illness or disorder and genetic problem
If a person has recently recovered from typhoid or other serious illness possibility of hair loss is more. When there is a hormonal imbalance also hair fall occurs. Medication and tolerance towards medical treatment causes hair fall. For a few other genetically hair fall and getting bald becomes natural. For all these problems, regular healthy diet and a head massage with hot oil will definitely help to reduce hair fall. When blood circulation is activated with the help of a hot oil massage, hair will become stronger and will not fall quickly.
Ladies face high hair fall during pregnancy, menstrual cycle and after menopause. Diet is the only way to address this hormonal imbalance.

Stress and insufficient sleep is one of the major reasons for hair fall. One has to manage stress effectively and develop some hobbies to relax self is important. 7 hours of continuous undisturbed sleep is essential for a healthy life style and will enhance in having an elegant crown of hair.

Following a few home remedies like grinding henna leaves and applying, soaking mustard seeds overnight and grinding and applying helps. Avoid harsh chemical shampoos and hair dyes that destroys the hair. Follow a easy hair do that do not hurt the hair. Holistic approach both internal and external together will help to regain a good hair volume.