Bloating is a common health issue affecting millions, and causes a lot of discomfort. Many factors such as already prevalent health issues and wrong food choices lead to bloating. While it can be an extremely frustrating problem to deal with, there are numerous ways by which bloating can be effectively dealt with. Here are some handy tips, that if worked on, will certainly help you beat the bloating blues!

Wrong Eating Habits Cause Bloating

Firstly, try as much as possible to eat only when truly hungry, let your meal digest before you eat your next one. Eating too quickly causes you to ingest air, leading to bloating. Ensure, at every meal, that you take your time to eat. Also, when eating, ensure you don’t chatter about ceaselessly.

Like eating too quickly, talking during a meal also causes you to ingest air. Make sure you are sitting at the table while you are eating.  As part of your meal make sure to include digestion stimulating spices like black pepper and cumin. Drinking a lot of water can also  help prevent bloating, but make sure that you drink water that is too hot or too cold.

Drink Tea for Treating Bloating

There are specific tea’ that help reduce bloating. Certain teas such as Peppermint, Ginger, Chamomile tea and Dandelion tea help reduce bloating. Drinking any of these teas thirty minutes after eating is extremely effective in combating bloating. Tea not only contains less caffeine than coffee, it prevents heart attacks, cancer and stroke. In addition, green tea after meals have a number of health benefits.

Using Seeds to Treat Bloating

A teaspoonful of fennel seeds is also effective in reducing bloating. Anise seeds are another good alternative for those who are not too keen on using, or don’t have access to fennel seeds.

Fight Bloating with Fiber

Foods high in fiber guarantee optimum health of the digestive tract, and therefore long-lasting relief from bloating. Be careful with the proportions you eat though, as fiber rich foods are known to cause gas, a very bothersome problem in itself!

Massage for Relief

After your meal, rub your stomach using circular motions. Do this at least ten times for the best result. You will feel the change immediately. Practice other methods of stomach massage to improve effectiveness.

Maintain Notes

Maintain a list of your daily menu to help you understand which foods lead to bloating. Don’t underestimate this tip! Record-keeping hasn’t been known to have failed anyone, on the other hand, it has helped loads of people keep track of their progress in getting healthier. It might also make you a little more conscious of what you eat.