You have lost weight and come back to your ideal desired weight now through a series of dieting procedures, work outs etc.  The real challenge is yet to come! Maintaining the weight is not quite an easy task. It needs lot of self control, dedication and more than anything awareness. Read this article more to grab few amazing easy tips, which will help you.

Adapting and living a healthy lifestyle

living a healthy lifestyle

Now since you have lost weight, it’s time to shift for a diet which has to maintain your weight, and hence opting for a diet which will act as a quick fix may not be healthy. Adapt a diet that will become your healthy lifestyle. Only permanent balanced diet can help you with for a long run. The popular adage “slow and steady wins the race” is applicable here as well.

Keep a watch on calories

keeping Track of calories intake

Perhaps a calorie chart will be of great deal. Count each and every calorie that you intake and you burn. When your intake calorie is more than what you burn, then you add weight. And if it is the reverse, when you burn a lot of calorie than you intake, you lose. So use this as a thumb rule and measure each and everything that you intake.

Stick to healthy breakfast – a recent study has proved that people who skip their breakfast tend to put on weight. You would have heard to this maxim” eat your breakfast like a king and dinner like a beggar”. It is indeed a wise saying. When you eat a wholesome breakfast, your metabolism kick starts better and you have lot of time to burn the calories.

Lookout on the portion sizes – it is advisable to measure the portions of your food with respect to the fat and carbohydrate. Also instead of having a sumptuous meal every time, eat small portions of food, which will quickly digest and get absorbed to the blood stream. Do not eat until you become too full. Drink water before your meals to feel the fullness and to eat fewer portions. Chew the food properly so that you can enjoy the food for a longer time and for a better digestion.

Go veggies – instead of stuffing yourself with lot of high calorie food, if you choose to go for food that’s filling you can fight your hunger prudently. Filling foods are generally high fiber food, which are typically fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains and cereals. They simultaneously flush out the toxins from the body and give an amazing glow to your skin. Fresh fruits instead of juices which contain sugar, soda are better. Raw or steamed vegetable is any day the best choice to fried or cooked vegetables.

Rule your temptation – do not let temptation rule you at any point of time. Breaking your diet chart will lead to adverse implication. Stay away from the food those are high calorie despite being your favorite taste. It’s better to avoid them completely from your home, so that you do not give your temptations a chance.

Become your own chef – cook your own food, you will do it in much healthier way. Pre-packed food, food from restaurants will contain high amount of trans-fat, sodium etc. Also you will be tempted to eat fried items and other rich calorie items when you buy it from outside.

Workout – you can spare 40 minutes of your time everyday definitely for maintaining your body.  Walking, jogging or simple exercise 5 days a week will keep you healthy, burn calories regularly, increase the metabolism and the advantages are countless. Avoid watching TV or playing video game; instead do simple exercises during that time.

Avoid emotional eating – be mindful that you do not overeat when you are stressed or emotional. A few have a habit of eating when they feel bored or when they watch TV, this is a very bad habit and has to be controlled. Try to divert your mind to some other activity like walking, reading book, listening to music and so on to avoid eating.

Plan your meal – keeping a diet schedule and planning every meal in advance is a good idea. This will motivate you to stick on to a diet based cooking.

Drink water – as said earlier replace the high calorie soda, juice, tea or coffee with water. Water helps to detoxify the body. Sometimes thirst is been misunderstood as hunger; hence drinking water regularly can help you to maintain your weight.