Anyone and everyone can look beautiful without makeup. Some individuals are so used to it that they refuse to even go grocery shopping without the makeup. Many women fear what they may look like without makeup and many others are scared to go out without it. Well. All these thoughts are just made up. You can look good and feel very confident about yourself without having to adorn all those chemicals on your face, day in and day out. It is sure fun to apply make-up, but that should be done only under special circumstances. You should be able to carry yourself confidently even without makeup. Listed below are a few tricks that you can try to keep yourself looking gorgeous just the way you are, sans makeup!

Taking care of your skin

The first step to apply makeup is to prepare your skin; the same thing needs to be followed without the chemicals. Daily wear and tear, pollution and the hot sun can make your skin look dry and lifeless; cleansing your skin regularly will leave it beautiful and shining.


Making the most use of you natural features helps keep you beautiful. If for example you have naturally think eyebrows, ensure you pluck them and keep them looking beautiful. This grooming will ensure you have all your natural assets keep well thereby making you look good without makeup.

Be Confident

The most important part is to feel confident. If you are scared of leaving the house without makeup, it shows the lack of confidence. Being confident and making yourself believe that you will look good without makeup will instantaneously help.

Smile More
Smiling more often will take people’s attention off your flaws. Your smile has the power to camouflage your worst feature. A forced grin will surely not help. Smile with all your heart and you will look your best.

Having a cool haircut

Absence of makeup will become unnoticed if you dare to give yourself a trendy new haircut. A haircut that you love will make you feel great about yourself; this in turn will boost up your confidence. Finding a cut that suits you will take some time, but once you’ve found it you would start going out without makeup and would never sulk about it. A good cut is often not very expensive if you find the right hair stylist.

Good Nourishment

The skin is the largest organ of the body and therefore needs to be nourished from inside and outside. Providing adequate nutrients in the form of water and vitamins and your skin will tank you by glowing from within. Limiting alcohol can do wonders to the skin. It is also vital to get enough sleep. One of the most important ways in which you can look good without makeup is by just taking care of your body.

It is a fact that cosmetics do help you look good. However, one can look good without makeup too. It is vital to be comfortable with the way we look. These tips listed about should help out. Makeup is just a tool; never consider it as an essential.