Lips make a great appeal when someone is looking at your face and it certainly draws more attention. People concentrate more on lip makeover but very less attention on lip care, which is not acceptable. Ideally it should be vice versa. If one takes proper care of the lips, it automatically does not require much of makeover as the lips will look eye-catching without any makeover itself.

Why Lip care is important
The skin over the lips is different to the skin that we have in the rest of the body. Unlike the skin present in other parts, a lip does not have sweat glands or an oil gland. The skin over the lips is too thin. And that is the reason it gets dried up very fast due to the lack of moisture. More so during winter, it gets cracks, chaps and inflammation.

In this write up lets discuss a few ways to keep our skin moisturized and attractive. Here Are A Few Lip Care Tips.

Lip Balms – there are plenty of lip balms available in the market to choose from. Using a lip balm to moistures the lip is the simple, easiest and most sought technique. Too much exposure to sun and during the cold season, the lips gets affected first. We could witness crack and for a few it starts bleeding as well. It is worthwhile to keep a lip balm in your vanity case and use it religiously even when you are out on a date or shopping might help.

Bee wax and cocoa butter – Bee wax and cocoa butter are trusted sources to help keeping the skin on the lips fresh. These are available as variants in the lip balms as well. So it is a good idea to procure a lip balm which has this ingredient.

Oils – Few oils that might come in rescue of the dryness and crack of lip are coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba oil. Applying these oils before sleep and leaving them overnight would help in fighting the dryness. It is sensible to use these when you go out for a walking to protect yourself from sun.

All the above will get absorbed and fight dryness. It restores the elasticity in the Lip skin. It dehydrates the skin and avoids the skin getting exposed to extreme temperature resulting in chapped lips.

Gentle massage
Post brushing your teeth, if one is does a gentle massage in circular movements for a while; lips will have good blood circulation and will retain its pink color. Using a exfoliating cream additionally removes dead and dry skin and keep lips nourished and healthy.

Be conscious on the brand
While purchasing a lipstick, lip liner, lip gloss or a lip balm – take sufficient care to check on the brand. Keep a watch on the ingredients they use. If a lot of chemical and synthetic ingredients are used, then it is better to avoid those brands. As mentioned above if product is made up of olive oil, Aloe Vera, camphor, menthol etc or any other herbal component then it is perfectly appropriate for usage. The chemical elements not only dry up the skin but it might also be allergic to certain people, which might totally damage and mess up the lip. A lip stick with much scent in it might have used a chemical, so go for lipsticks with a fruit fragrance which will have natural ingredients.

It is far-sighted if we take a product which has SPF, since it will protect the lips from ultra violet rays.

General know how
· It’s an ideal not to use a lipstick or a lip makeover during winters. Particularly when the lip is chapped already, it’s better not to do any make-over.
· Do not lick the lips quite often, it will darken your lips practically
· Honey will exfoliate the skin perfectly; use it once a week to remove the degenerated skin.
· Do not forget to moisturize the lips during bed time and leave overnight.
· Use sunscreen when going out in the sun.

Next to your eyes, your lips will draw people’s attention. So it is of prime importance that bang on care is taken to keep it nourishing and youthful. It will significantly enhance your look and charisma. Dry, cracked lips make one look dull and unpleasant. Therefore appropriate care has to be taken to maintain the lips and look attractive. Hope this article was helpful for you in your journey towards a kissable lip!