Luscious and pouty lips are a celebrity’s trademark. Achieving such lovely lips is not only reserved to celebrities but also to the common woman. This can be easily achieved by taking care of your lips and following a few easy tips.

Lips are sensitive and are easily prone to wear and tear. It is a very rarely known fact that the lips do not have oil glands. The lack of oil glands makes them dry and allows them to rely on external sources like balm to get moisturized. This is exactly why many of the lipsticks and lip related cosmetics come with lip balm features. Lips chap easily; especially in dry weather conditions therefore moisturization is very important.


As mentioned above, lips are highly sensitive and therefore need constant care and attention. Intake of water will hydrate not only your body but also your lips. Make sure to keep your lips hydrated to avoid chapping. It is always better to prevent that cure lips of crack. Therefore, keep the lips supple by hydrating. Removing dead cells is also of utmost importance. Remove them by either wiping with a soft clean cloth or use a brush to remove dead skin. A natural remedy to remove dead skin is using a mixture of sugar and olive oil.


Using a lip liner will ensure enhancement of shape and also will prevent smudges. The lip liner should be in sync with the lip color or the gloss that is used. If you have thin lips, drawing outside of the lip line is a good option to make the lips look full. Similarly lining the lip inside the natural line will make the lip smaller.

Lip shade choice

The lip color should always suit your skin tone. Browns, reds and corals go well for dark skinned individuals. Pale skin people will look better on choosing sheer lipstick. Ensure the color is not too jazzy. Using a foundation before the lip shade is a good option to smoothen your tone down lip color. The color will last longer too.

Use of lip plumper

Lips plumper usually give you good luscious and pouty lips. It is mandatory to choose the product carefully. Choose a plumper that will suit you. Do your research and find out if the plumper is safe to use.

Expensive cosmetic surgeries are not the one and only option to make you look good. Improving the appearance of your pout can be achieved without much strain or surgery. Just follow the tips mentioned and you can be sure of achieving that celebrity look.