Have you always wanted straight hair, without going through the strain of harsh, damaging straightening of your tresses? Several alternative ways may provide you with the results you seek whilst keeping your hair healthy and strong. Whether curly or frizzy, it is possible to change the overall appearance of your locks simply by nourishing your hair.

The following methods may be particularly helpful if you experience shedding or hair loss due to excessive straightening, or simply if you’re trying to maintain a steady hair growth.

1. Using Moisturizing Shampoo

Though this is often overlooked, the form your hair takes when drying up is based on the level of moisture it is retaining. Dry hair tends to frizz and curl, whilst nourished hair adopts a sleeker, looser structure. In order to maintain naturally straight hair, make sure you use shampoo ridden with deeply moisturizing agents, i.e. Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado and other agents rich in protein.

2. Protein Treatments

Protein-filled conditioners will ensure that your hair stays moisturised throughout the day, while providing a protective layer that will smoothen your cuticles. They penetrate in the hair, resulting into elasticity and bounciness of the locks, while keeping them straight and regular. Usual protein treatments will include keratin and are available in most beauty stores.

3. Deep Conditioning

Woman with conditioner in her hair

This is one of the most popular forms of hair care. Deep conditioning is particularly advised if you have chronically dry hair or are suffering the consequences of damaging hair routines (constant styling, poor moisturizing etc). Look for deep conditioners that contain castor oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil or similar agents. Deep conditioners are available almost anywhere on the market.

4. Combing It Through With A Straightening Fluid

When your hair is mid-way to dryness, comb it through in a straight, constant motion. Once you are satisfied there is visible straightening, apply an agent such as wax or anti-frizz fluid and comb further. This will cause no harm to your hair, whilst providing results very similar to those of using a traditional flat-iron straightener.

5. Using Pins

This method seeks to stretch the hair so it adopts a straight form with no use of additional products. When your hair is wet from washing, use pins to secure your hair firmly stretched and wrapped around your head. Cover it with a silk scarf to ensure moisture is detained and sleep on it. The morning result will be the same as when using a straightener, but with an added glow and less strain to your hair.

If you are seeking to keep your hair straight without using a straightener, ensure you are providing your tresses with the care they need. Whilst methods are in the plenty, use the best products you may find, alternate styling patterns and most importantly, keep your hair nourished!