Now the question lies at ‘How strong should/can one get?’ People have the misconception that there is a strength record or limit to pass or that beating someone at a competition or lifting heavier than another proves their strength. This is all wrong; the true strength is to work at growing stronger than you were yesterday. Not knowing how strong to become makes many people start and then quit because they see no progress.
Most people who venture into the fitness field do it with the intention of losing weight. Then there are people who start lifting weights to build muscle to either prove to themselves or someone else that they are not weak. Whatever the reason, these people all start their fitness regimens mainly to get strong.

Wrong use of information

If you are reading this, it’s very probable that like others, you have already read many articles and websites about losing weight, burning fat and building muscle. You also know quite well how to do your exercises and the machines and tools needed to achieve this.

However despite all this information, videos and the many diet and strength guides people buy, why do they still find it difficult to get strong? Well, it’s all because of inaction or not making practical use of the information gathered. They don’t have the motivation to use the information acquired.

Start something

So in other words, inaction and lack of motivation are reasons for weakness. The only way to overcome this is to do something. Motivation is free and not exactly permanent but if you dedicate yourself to something, the motivation definitely stays.

Then again, there are people who overload themselves with all this information and suffer from analysis paralysis. This is a condition where they cannot take action because they know little because they know so much. They don’t know what to do and where to start and end up weighing too many options and picking none of them.

It’s no difference whether you start with a barbell, calisthenics or kettlebell, or if you just play a sport or participate in a strength competition. Just start something along with diets and supplements so that you don’t get stuck in a void.

Choose and focus on one

So to get started, you need to choose one thing from your many choices to get strong, and start from there. Don’t think about losing progress or gains; concentrate on one program and just move forward.


Try a program for maybe a month or two and if you find it doesn’t work, try another one. Just don’t lose sight of your goals and dedicate yourself at growing stronger no matter what. You have to also be ready to eat only whatever the program recommends, whether you like it or not.

Remember that all these guides and strength programs work; you just have to deice which you can do, and stick to. Though it may be confusing at first, once you get set, it’s no more difficult getting strong.

Provide inspiration to others

Though people may read articles like this, the odds of them actually adapting a more confident approach to strength building is still not good. This is why people who have changed their lives have to work at inspiring others to do the same.

With the world filled with procrastinators everywhere, they don’t know it’s their sole-doing which brings them results. It’s your job to inspire others, and show them their strength is not what you know, but what you do about what you know about strength.


So getting strong does not mean you need to dig into fitness guides and programs as you won’t know what to look for and use. Instead, you need to remind yourself that you should not quit too early in a program, and that you won’t let the motivation go at all. Though the path to acquiring strength is not an easy one, it’s definitely worth taking it.