With your eyes, you also need to maintain the skin surrounding it. Not many people are aware of the right skin routine to adopt to take care of the dry skin around the eyes. The normal thing people do is slather heavy duty creams and oils as part of their dry skincare routine which may help keep dry patches out.

Your eyes are your windows to the world. It is possible to read your expressions and mind just by looking at your eyes. This is why you need to keep your eyes as well maintained as possible. You generally know how and what you need to do to maintain your eyes like not straining it too much, not watching too much of TV, avoiding too much of computer or mobile games and reading only with the right light.

However the skin round your eyes need extra care and much more than this as it’s lot more thinner and delicate than the skin on the rest of your face. Removal of makeup, the cold weather and rubbing due to sicknesses can cause the formation of weird dry spots around your eyes. Consequently, the skin surrounding your eyes may require extra pampering and the following tips to appear smooth and lovely.

The right eye creampost-2-1

The obvious remedy for dealing with dryness would be to use an eye cream. However make sure you choose and use the right cream for your skin and flaky issues. While just dabbing on some extra nighttime moisturizer benefits some people, some may need something more targeted. In case the dryness is seasonal, an eye cream containing lactic acid helps exfoliate the flakes away. Even Hyaluronic acid proves helpful as it’s a humectant and absorbs moisture.

Trace the culprit

Some products have side effects which most likely shows around your eyes. So if you have bought some new makeup or skincare products and have noticed dry skin and irritation around the eyes, one of the products may be a cause. Facial cleaners and eye makeup removers can be harsh on the skin surrounding the eyes, even if they are right for the entire face. Stop using them and see if the dry patches disappear.

Avoid looking at the light

While large doses of sunlight is damaging for the skin, UV rays are even worse for the skin surrounding your eyes. The skin here is thin with fewer layers for the rays to pass through. So make sure your daily moisturizer or targeted eye cream contains SPF. Use sunglasses on especially bright days as too much of squinting can lead to future wrinkles if not protected today.

Inner treatmentpost-2-2

Whatever you put in your body reflects on its exterior. This is why your eyes get puffy and feel dry after a night drinking. Similarly if you put something good into your body it produces great effects. Vitamin E and fish oil are especially good for treating dry skin because of its large amounts of antioxidants and fatty acids respectively. So take a supplement of both and apply vitamin E topically for an extra helping.

Rough handling no-no

While pampering your eyes, the way you handle your eyes affects its looks. Too much rubbing from conceal or foundation application and dragging instead of blending or tapping makeup around your eyes takes its toll. Use your ring finger while applying eye-makeup as it’s the cushiest and gentlest finger.

No hot water

Hot water sucks out the moisture from your skin. So washing your face with too hot water only exacerbates dryness issues. Use tepid water to wash your face instead.

No retinoids

Retinoids are essential if you are acne-stricken. However they are strong and leave dry places wherever they banish blemishes. Such strong products are tricky business to your eye. As retinoids tend to quickly breakdown in the sunlight, use them only at nighttime. Layer a moisturizer over it to avoid dryness breakouts around your eyes.

Regular use of these tips will definitely help improve the look and condition of the skin surrounding your eyes. You will then have eyes you can show the world with pride, and not worry about the skin surrounding your eyes looking all dried up.