Raw honey has great effects on your skin because of its antibacterial properties and its many skin-saving antioxidants. Honey not only helps regain your glow, but is also a cheap but effective DIY skin treatment option.

How honey helps your skin

Honey proves beneficial to skin in many ways. As it is a natural antibacterial, it offers great acne treatment and prevention. Being rich in antioxidants, honey is very effective in slowing down the aging process to make you look younger than you are.

Honey helps create a glow as it is extremely moisturizing and soothing. Last, but not least, honey works as a clarifying agent as it helps open pores, making them easy to unclog.

Honey as a face mask

The best and easiest thing you can do with honey on your skin is using it as a mask. When applied on your face, it helps unclog pores and in the process, moisturizes parched skin. Just apply a thin layer of honey to not dry but slightly damp skin with a circular motion. After leaving the honey on for about 30 minutes, rinse off using warm water. Once washed away, it leaves your skin soft and radiant.

Honey for spot treatment

If you have pesky zits, they can be treated using honey. The next time you have a breakout, just reach for a swab of honey instead of an over-the-counter pimple cream. Just swirl a bit of honey onto a cotton swab and dab at the blemish at bedtime to awaken with less-stressed skin. For extra boost and natural cleansing, mix the honey with tea tree and lavender oil.

Honey as a cleanser

Honey is not actually meant to be used for removing delicate eye makeup but is a good cleanser. When mixed with your favourite natural plant oil and spices, it works wonders at dissolving your makeup.

Try mixing honey and coconut or jojoba oil to form a balmy texture that you can slide across your face. You could also add a dash of turmeric, nutmeg or cinnamon for an aromatic treat and massage this concoction over the face to loosen heavy makeup and moisturize your skin.

Honey as an exfoliator

Honey also works as an exfoliator. Just make a gentle scrub with two parts of honey and a part of baking soda to exfoliate your skin from head to toe.

Honey in your bath

If you suffer from dry, winter skin, you can turn to honey for soothing help. A warm bath with soothing honey helps keep your skin in check during the seasonal skin changes. Add about two cups of honey to a running bath for body-smoothing bliss. Soak in this bath for about 15 minutes and then add a cup of baking soda to soak in for another 15 minutes to eliminate all the dead skin cells in your body without any irritation.