It’s common to have eye strain if you stare at something for long periods of time like at your computer, driving long distance and while reading books. This eye strain occurs because of an over­use of your eye muscles where the muscles of the inner eye tighten to irritate your eyes and make you feel uncomfortable.

Dry, itchy, blurry and watery eyes are all common symptoms of eye strain. Besides straining your eyes, improper lighting too can strain eyes. In case of people above the age of 40, eye strain may indicate the need for prescription glasses. If you think your eye strain is because of your computer usage, these home remedies should give you some relief from it.

Just blink

Though it’s difficult to believe, you just have to blink your eyes for relief from computer eye  strain! This is because while the human eye blinks about 20 times a minute on an average, you blink only 7 times a minute while at the computer.

It is necessary that you blink often as the longer your eye remains open in between blinks, the higher the probability of your cornea dehydrating, burning or aching. Blinking not only keeps your eyes moist, it also washes your eyes naturally.

Make it a habit to just look away and stare at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes spent working on the computer. An even better option is to take a 10­minute bathroom break every two hours, even if you don’t need to go. Just walk to the bathroom and back, while letting your eyes idle and perhaps catching up with some gossip!

Eye exercisesEye exercises

Doing some eye exercises also offer a home remedy for strained eyes. One exercise involves bringing an object like a pen as close to your eyes as possible till you can focus on it clearly. Then focus on something else 10 feet away from you. Repeat this 3­5 times, a few times a day.

Another exercise involves rolling your eyes upwards towards your eyebrows and then rolling them in a large circle. Repeat this exercise every few hours while at the computer to prevent computer vision syndrome.

Palming your eyes by using your palms to cover your eyes and block out light completely for 1­3  minutes a few times a day is one of the most relaxing things to do for your eyes. Make sure the ‘pinky’ side of your hands are on either side of the nose. Rest the fingers of your right hand on your left fingers. Open your eyes to ensure you block out most light then close your eyes and relax. Don’t squeeze your eyes; just cover your eyes and enjoy the break!

Change the computer position

In case you feel dizzy after sitting at the computer all day, and find it subsiding whenever you stop using the computer only to return when you get back at the computer, reduce the screen’s brightness.

Moreover position the screen so that you are looking down and not up at it. The screen should be tilted slightly downward so that its center is about 4­8 inches below eye level. You also should sit at least 65 cm from your computer screen as sitting too close to it makes your eye muscles work harder.

Potatoes and rose water helpPotatoes and rose water help

You can also try placing potato slices on your closed eyes for 20 minutes for relief from itchy and strained eyes. The drying and disinfectant properties of potatoes, and the fact it is a rich source of vitamin C makes this a perfect home remedy for burring, irritated and itchy eyes. For better effects and relief, first store the potato slices in water in the refrigerator for half an hour.

Rose water works as a great relaxer for tired and fatigued eyes. First wash and flush your eyes with cool, tap water and then dab but do not rub dry. After a few minutes, flush your eyes with cotton balls soaked in rose water. It’s best to do this at bedtime, and before sleeping, apply the soaked cotton balls to the eyelids and leave overnight. Rinse again in the morning. Of course, do remove all make up before washing your eyes with rose water!

If you use your computer, smartphones and e­readers a lot and your eyes suffer because of it, these home remedies provide a cheap but effective means of controlling all that eye itchiness and discomfort.