Imagine wearing a sleeveless top but not to dare raising the arm, worried of dark underarms.  What a constraint it might be to your freedom. Having used shaving cream and chemical hair removal if the underarm has dark patches in it, it can be embarrassing to a greater extent.  But life does not end like that. There are many inexpensive home care remedies available in our kitchen to get rid of the dark patches and to attain a bright underarm that blends with your natural skin color. Follow these home medications and be the first one to raise your hand!


Lemons come to our rescue and thought not only for refreshing juices but also to remove any darkness or discoloring in our skin. Lemon is known for its bleaching nature and its anti-bacterial properties, which lightens the skin instantly. Scrub lemon underarms before going for a bath, else couple lemon juice with honey, yogurt and make a thick paste and apply it as a paste, which when used over a few times, shows visible difference.


Another important veggie that comes to our mind after lemon and popular for skin lightening is cucumber. The juice taken out of crushed cucumber can act as an agent to smoothen the skin and improves the color. In fact lemon juice can be mixed with cucumber to get better results. A pack can be prepared with cucumber juice and turmeric, which cools down the skin, makes the skin glossy and shiny and free from infections.

Go fruity with citrus fruits

Another important fruit, that really works wonders is orange. It is packed with rich vitamin C that is famous for its bleaching and improving the color. Not only the juice and fruit are recognized, but the peel of orange can also act as a natural scrub. Another distinguished way of using orange is to dry the peels and make a powder, and use it as a mask with lemon or cucumber juice.

Dairy products

All the dairy products like milk, curd and butter are renowned for their notable work in making the skin look young and light. Either of the above dairy product can be made as a paste with orange peel, gram flour make a nourishing pack for the skin. Applying this pack for 15 minutes and washing with lukewarm water will give a fresh look.

Natural oils that can come handy

Reading the above subtitle one might feel weird, but don’t forget to moistures the skin to get a glow. Olive oil, coconut oil, Vitamin E enriched almond oil, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil or mixture of two or more oil can prove their significance when used continuously. Rubbing off a little oil, leaving it for some time and then washing with gram flour regularly will keep all infections away and keep the skin healthy and supple. A healthy skin is the first step towards a beautiful skin. These are skin friendly and do not have any side effects usually.

Exfoliate the skin

There are chances that the underarms are looking dark due to amassing of dead skin cells. One natural way to remove the dead skin cells and to get good blood circulation in that area to make it look fresh is by exfoliating the skin using natural scrubs like citrus juice mixed with white or brown sugar, smashed strawberry, grounded walnut etc.Home Care Treatment That Works For Sure To Whiten Dark Underarms_image


Potatoes are organic tan removal agent. Hence scrubbing potatoes slices or taking the juice by grating the potato can be used to remove the dark color.

Unacceptable acts

So far we saw what has to be done to get a shiny underarm, let’s see some of the acts which are not acceptable, and those that damage your underarm and make things bad to worse.

Shaving underarms or using hair removal creams with chemicals are for sure a no-no. it removes the skin from the outer surface and makes the skin harsh. If you desire to get a velvety skin then go for waxing. It removes the hair from the root and at the same time removes the black patch as well.

Using deodorants and anti precipitants that has harsh chemicals should be avoided. It improves pigmentation and quite many times causes allergies and other skin problems.

Concentrate on basic hygiene by taking bath twice, using organic soaps. Due to the presence of sweat glands, the underarms are prone for bacterial attacks. Regular bath, exfoliating the skin while bathing, using natural products help a long way.