While some people say it’s good to have lemon with warm or with hot water to replace their morning coffee, others prefer it in room temperature filtered water. Though you can also have it in chilled water, it can be a shock to your digestive system when you have it early in the morning, just after waking up.

Looking for something refreshing to start your day with? Instead of drinking a cup of coffee or tea, you should try lemon water. Lemon water is a simple but great internal cleanser to start your day with. Its sharp taste wakes you up and gets you going to face the day.

 It’s also better to use natural lemon juice instead of lemon juice concentrate as these concentrates have sulfites which react negatively with some people. Moreover, it loses its natural enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants in the manufacturing process.

 Easy lemon juice in water


Squeeze the juice of a lemon into a citrus juicer. Remove the seeds and pour water over the juicer to get out as much of lemon as possible. Then pour the juice into a glass and drink it! With practice, all you will need is a minute to make this juice and you can experience these 12 of its health benefits.

  1.      Drinking fresh lemon juice, especially first thing in the morning helps relieve and prevent various digestive problems like heartburn, bloating and intestinal gas and in the process, helps stimulate better digestion.
  2.      Drinking lemon juice in the morning is also a great way to get a major portion of your day’s essential vitamin C. Moreover, lemon is a good source of folate and minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium which your body requires.
  3.      As lemons have antiseptic properties, they have a powerful cleansing effect on your liver, blood and kidneys. Moreover, an overworked liver has a great influence on how you feel everyday so cleansing it every morning with lemon juice makes a great difference to your daily energy requirements over time.
  4.      Lemon water is also helpful at elimination and helps prevent either cases of extreme constipation or diarrhea, giving another reason to have it early in the morning.
  5.      Lemon water helps improve your skin through its high vitamin C content. Moreover, its antioxidant, antibiotic, cleansing and detoxifying effects are also important for your skin.
  6.      Despite their citric acid contents, the high mineral content of lemons make them alkalizing to the body. It’s not the acid content of food outside the body which determines if it has an acid or alkaline effect, but how it’s metabolized during digestion that matters.
  7.      Lemon’s antibacterial properties help cure a throat infection. So if you have a sore throat, sipping a warm lemon drink every few hours proves very helpful. In fact, if you drink lemon water every morning, you probably won’t get a sore throat in the first place!post-1-2
  8.      Lemon water helps in the digestion of fats as it helps your liver produce more bile. Realistically, lemon nutrients are better at clearing your stomach than greasy and dangerous sausages and bacon.
  9.      Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning helps reduce bad breath. Its high antioxidant and antibiotic compounds also reduce body odor with time.
  10.  Lemons contain some interesting flavonoid compounds like limonoid glucosides which may have some anti-carcinogenic properties. Moreover, its protective effect lasts longer in the body than most other natural anti-cancer compounds.
  11.  If you drink cow’s milk, which is a big culprit in mucus production, drinking lemon water every morning helps reduce the amount of phlegm and mucus levels in the body.
  12.  While exercise, avoiding fatty foods and changing your meal frequency helps improve your weight loss potential, many weight loss resources also cite the benefits of lemon water and its citric acid in burning fat.


Seeing all these good reasons for drinking lemon water, there is no reason to stop you from not drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice in a glass of water every day. Not only does lemon juice offer so many benefits to your health, it is also a great refreshing drink that anyone and everyone loves drinking especially on a hot summer day!