As you move from northern China to Japan, Korea all the way to Russia, you will not fail to come across the most popular name of the many garden plants-balloon flower roots. You ask any native of the mentioned country why the popularity of the plant. You will receive three factual answers why they grow it. Apart from its ornamental value it is also used as food and medicine.

Initially, the herbaceous perennial plant of the family Campanulaceae was grown as an herbal medicine and gathered in the wild. It is now days commercially harvested and its roots used as medicine.The plant contains saponins, volatile, betulin acid, oils, sterols, insulin and glucose that are responsible for their medicinal effect. When combined with other compounds the chemicals react to form beneficial substance in the body. Let us now explore some of the beneficial aspects of the root.

The respiratory truck


The root is considered to eliminate and break down phlegm and mucus respectively. Phlegm is a secretion during diseases and inflammation. It has mucus containing bacteria and debris. Phlegm called sputum once it has been expectorated. Mucus is an advantageous layer that traps dust and prevent entry of bacteria. Therefore, by breaking the two down, it helps to get rid of such diseases as colds and pathogen entry.


People with chronic allergies can now be relieved. The balloon flower root reduces the frequent occurrence of allergic reactions. it is countered by the root inhibiting release of histamines when causative agents of allergy penetrate the body.

Relieves pain

As a result of its anti-inflammatory feature, the root can reduce pain after surgery or in the case of an injury. Also, patients who suffer from gout and arthritis stand to benefit from this root.

Stomach Reliever


Diseases associated with the stomach such as ulcers, gastrointestinal effects, stomach upset and destroy well treated by the balloon flower root. Also, the herb helps to relieve symptoms of hemorrhoids due to its anti-inflammatory feature.

Parasite threat

Research on animals has shown that this root kills liver parasites. Parasites are dangerous to both animals and human being. They can kill easily and in a short time. The good news is that the balloon flower root kills the parasite and fluke of the liver.

Heart-related disease

Heart Attack

Excess fats in the body cause heart attack and stroke. The root can lower bad cholesterol level and enhance the increase in good cholesterol level. It thus minimizes chances of heart diseases.

It boosts immune system

It has antioxidants that regulate the normal immune thus lowering your chances of contracting such dieses as influenza.

Works on cancerous cells

It has chemicals that reduce cancer tumor. The root has antioxidants compounds that neutralize radicals in the body. The radicals are products cellular respiration that can cause mutation including cancer.

Lower blood pressure

Due to their ability to reduce cholesterol level chances of acquiring high blood pressure associated with high cholesterol level is minimized.

Weight loss

weight loss

Weigh is associated mostly with fat accumulation and since the root has chemicals that reduce weight they in turn help in weight reduction. A word of advice always associated with any other herbal medicine is that seek medical advice before using any herbal medicine.