Almost all of us wish to have a straight, lustrous, shining, lengthy hair. Having a straight hair is the fad of the decade. Even ladies with curly hair and wavy hair, spend their fortune in the saloon desiring to get a straight hair. There are different hairs treatments available like a temporary straitening, permanent straightening, depending upon the amount of money one is ready to spend. A permanent straightening is not a permanent one for life time. The results last not more than a year; again you have to spend to get a straight hair back. Also since it is against the nature that you are ironing the hair to look straight, hence at the end of one year the hair looks dull, damaged, split ends and it starts falling, since the protein in the hair is burnt up when the hair is ironed. To add to the fuel, one has to incur heavily for maintenance also. There are special shampoos, oils and serum that have to be used once you straighten the hair.

You should you waste your money and damage your lovely hair. This article will further give to tips to use a few products that are available in your kitchen itself. The result of using these is nothing but a well nourished, shining,healthy, straight hair.

Eggs: Eggs are natural conditioner for hair. It not only conditions but also straightens by nourishing the hair. Remove the yellow cyst of the egg and use the white raw part, beat it up by mixing a few drops of olive oil. Apply this paste on to your hair scalp and leave it for more than one hair. Wash your hair now to get a shining hair.

Coconut Milk: Coconut Milk not only gives a smooth look to the hair but also nurtures the hair. Coconut is one of the famous ingredients for hair growth. Use lemon drops to the coconut milk and apply it to the scalp. Massage it nicely and leave it for some time. Later, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water to get a shiny, itch-free and dandruff free scalp. This application also promotes hair growth.Coconut Milk

Banana: wondering how banana can contribute to hair? It can make wonders. Mash two riped bananas well, add fresh yogurt to it and make it a paste. Apply on to the hair from top to bottom. It might be little tough to rinse it thoroughly.  Both banana and yogurt improves the texture of the hair and make it look straight.

Hot oil massage: take coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil in equal quantity and mix them. Heat them up until it becomes warm. Apply it to every scalp of your head with a cotton swab. Massage gently and cover the hair with a warm towel for half an hour. Repeat this treatment twice a week for two months. You can notice visible difference.

Aloe Vera Gel: one of the best herbs to keep out dryness in both scalp and skin is Aloe Vera Gel. Apply this evenly on to the hair as a mask. You will be surprised to see your shining straight hair after a hair wash.Aloe Vera Gel

Vinegar: vinegar has a quality to straighten the hair strands naturally. Hence mix vinegar few drops to a mug full of water. After cleaning the hair with shampoo, wash the hair with this water in the mug. Rinse it after five minutes. Hair will flow straight post this wash.

Leaves of shoe flower plant: Leave a few leaves of shoe flower leaves on the hot water tub to rinse the hair regularly to improve the texture of the hair. Alternatively take 10 leaves of shoe flower (hibiscus) plant and grind it. Add honey or yogurt to the mixture. Apply it to the hair as a mask and leave it for half an hour. Now rinse it thoroughly. This mixture is extremely helpful for strengthening the hair strand and for re growth of the hair. It also works like a conditioner and makes the hair look shining and glowing.

Milk: Milk is a well known moisturizer for both hair and skin. Apply milk with honey, or lemon, or papaya mash. It relives the hair from frizzes and tangles, which naturally gives a straight look to the hair. If this is followed once in a week, hair does not get damaged.

Apart from the above external applications, including veggie and fruity diet as a mandatory, paves way for a healthy, shining, faultless hair.