No one likes to look old; which is why everyone tries to look younger than they actually are. While some succeed in wearing clothes which make them look younger, there are others who wear inappropriate clothes and look as if they are trying hard to look young. This is why it’s better to use these grooming tips for women so that you look both young and elegant all the time.

1. Fashion

When it comes to fashion, there are some people who always keep in touch with fashion while others just like wearing whatever they think looks good on them. If you are one of these people, it’s better to stick to the middle ground instead of making the mistake of wearing something totally old-fashioned.

It’s better wearing something classy or current which may not be the latest trend. Like if the present trend is wearing white shirts with satin collars, you don’t’ have to wear white shirts with satin colors. Similarly, if the trend was to wear tie-up lace collars two decades back, you should definitely not wear it today.

Just remember that if you are not following trends, you should also not follow older trends as wearing very old-fashioned clothes only make you look older than you are. Moreover, if you are in your thirties, but feel you are in your teens, don’t do the mistake of dressing like a teenager. You need not try to look young in your thirties as you are young and just have to strive to look your best.

2. Hairstyle

Different hairstyles give you a different look where severe hairstyles make you look older than softer ones. So if you tie your hair in a tight bun, you only end up looking older than if you left your hair loose. However ponytails and blunt cuts take years off most women’s faces.
Even wearing your hair long and loose without many waves or steps make you look young. However if your hair ends look like rat tails, its better cutting it short. On the contrary, while braiding your hair in two plaits do make you look younger, it’s definitely inappropriate for anyone aged eighteen and more!

3. Weight

If you are obese, losing some weight will definitely make you look and feel better and younger. It is a known fact that older people look older than their slimmer counterparts.

4. Hair Color

Developing grey hair is a part of the aging process. While nothing can be done about it, you can conceal grey hair with a darker hair color to look younger. However don’t opt for a jet black hair color as it is too stark and may look artificial on you. Instead, opt for a dark brown hair color instead.

Consequently, don’t use very light shades if your natural hair color is black or brown as lighter hair can make you look even older. While older may not necessarily mean worse, many women look older, but prettier and more glamorous with a highlight!

5. Makeup

It’s better to choose lighter lipsticks as dark shades are unflattering on mature skin, where the lips tend to thin with age. To avoid severe looking lips, choose lipsticks with rosy red or flesh-colored shades and avoid peach and orange shades as they make your teeth look yellow. However wearing lipstick without any other makeup can make you look older than you’re not wearing any makeup at all!

An eye pencil can help enlarge and lift your eyes better than liquid liners. Blending a liner up to the outer corners of your eyelids with a Q-tip helps reverse droopy-looking lids. If you wear blush, choose warm pinks, bronzes or apricots as they create less contrast and make you look young. You can give yourself an instant cheek lift by placing your blush brush at your cheekbone’s highest point, and applying color in a circular motion.

Make sure you remove your makeup before bed to not only avoid clogged pores but also to rid your skin of the environmental pollution it’s been exposed to throughout the day.

6. Sunglasses

As the sun is rather damaging, not only should you coat on sunscreen while outdoors, but also use chick accessories to shield you. Buy yourself oversized frames which provide more protection around your eyes and get rid of your thinly rimmed aviators. Also, don’t forget to wear a hat and scarf when outdoors to prevent sun spots from appearing in the décolleté area.

Try these 6 grooming tips, and pretty soon you will find yourself looking young and elegant once again!