If it is your vacation time, there is no way that you can escape sunburn. No matter how careful you are, how much precaution you take, apply sunscreens, big frilled hat, coolers etc, eventually in a beach party you will end up with sunburn.  Being a person with a lighter skin tone, you will be exposed to sunburn its results like blistering and pain. Immediately whatever you have read and heard, including sunburn damaging your skin cells and leading to cancer in long run, flashes like a nightmare in your thoughts!

Do not panic, this article will give you insights on what causes sunburn and how to quickly address it before it becomes bad to worse.

What causes sunburn?

When the skin is exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet rays of sunlight, skin automatically acts smart by producing more melanin, which in turn tans the skin and acts as a protective layer from the skin getting damaged. The outer layer of the skin – the epidermis, when increases the melanin, the skin gets dark which we call as tan. The amount of melanin produced by the skin will vary from individual to individual. Dark people get the melanin produced in abundance and hence their skin escapes from getting burned.  Conversely for people with fairer skin, the production of melanin will be less and hence they become the easy target of sunburn.  In advanced stages a water bubble forms to protect the layer of skin contacting any sort of infection.

Different stages of sunburn

There are three stages of sun burn, 1st scale, 2nd scale and 3rd scale.  In the 1st scale of damage, one might get the skin changing to red color and will have stinging pain. In the 2nd scale, the skin turns red, water bubbles appear and obviously more painful. 3rd scale is worst, when apart from the above symptoms, their skin gets a white patch and it swells badly. The pain also becomes intolerable. In case you have sunburn which is more than 2 “diameter and you are in 2nd or 3rd stage then it is recommended to seek a professional help. But if you are just in the 1st stage then follow few of quick home remedies listed here to undo the damage quickly.

Easy Yet Powerful Remedies

Easy yet powerful remedies

Cool it off: Run sufficient amount of cold water against the sun burn immediately. Take a shower in cold water. Warm water or hot water to be avoided, since it will intensify the heat in the body. If you will not be able to take a shower, wet a napkin in cold water and spread it on the damaged area, which will cool the skin.

Gulp down lot of fluids: consume a lot of cold water and other cold fluids like tender coconut, juice etc to keep your body cool and to prevent it from dehydrating. Beware not to sip a beer or any other alcohol, or a soda, because its not going to cool down your body. Green tea, ice tea with lemon flavor, lime with mint are organic medicines for skin problems.

Allow water bubble to stay:  as said earlier, a water bubble is a natural defender that prevents you from infection, so do not rub off, pierce or try to tear it off.

Potato mask: for years, potato is known for its pain reliving property and its healing capacity on skin issues. So grade potato or slice it up and apply as a mask covering the sunburn. It will surely soothe the irritation and work things in your favor.

Cucumber veil: another natural coolant is cucumber. The juice of the cucumber can be applied over the skin as a veil and get desired results.Cucumber Juice

Fall back on milk: a very low cost still an effective remedy is to wash and apply cool milk straight from refrigerator. At first phase it will relieve you from the pain and irritation, and forms a protein cover which will heal the damage quickly.

Tie up with aloe:  An Aloe Vera gel is one of the impressive treatments for any kind of skin problems. Attack the sun burn area by covering it up with Aloe Vera gel, which cools, smoothens and heals the sun burn.

Trust the above tips have been useful to you to beat the sun though not missing on your enjoyment during your summer vacation. Remember not to expose the sun burn again under UV rays, cover it with light colored cotton dress which is loose fitting in case you have to out under the sun again.