To many, eating veggies is considered an arduous task, procrastinated to the end. Eating steak or chicken breast is so much easier; veggies are just a distraction! However no matter how much you may hate your vegetables, it’s a necessity as they are the healthiest foods in the planet. You in fact need to look for ways to include them to your diet.

One such way to introduce veggies to your diet is through juices. Not only is it easy to drink a few glasses of juice a day, fruit and veggie juices do wonders for your health. You can also add variety and spice through the many awesome recipes available to add the antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals and enzymes of fruits and veggies to your body.

How Juicing Improves Your Health

How juicing improves your health
Juices add more liquid to your body, necessary to keep you hydrated. Your body tends to slow down even with a bit of dehydration so adding liquid to your diet is a great way to keep your body running all the time.

It is known that dietary fiber is important for optimum digestive health. Though juicing may remove most of the fiber, whatever remains in the juice helps improve your heart healthy, digestive tract, liver and cardiovascular system.

1. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins needed for health. They have vitamin A needed for eye health, vitamin C for improved immunity, vitamin B for better body metabolism and energy production and vitamin E to protect your body from oxidative stress.

2. Veggies contain important minerals like potassium for muscle function, calcium for bone health, iron for healthy circulation and zinc for fast metabolism.

3. Some veggies also have enzymes which make digestion easier as they help break down the food eaten and improves the absorption of nutrients.

Other Juicing Benefits

Other juicing benefits
Besides giving your body its required vitamins and minerals, there are some other reasons to drink juices for improved health.

1. Body detoxification: The high liquid and fiber content of natural juices help flush out all the toxins and free radicals from your body. The elimination of all this from your body helps avoid many serious health problems, including heart disease and cancer.

2. Helps lose weight– One of the best ways to avoid diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and other obesity related health problems is by losing weight. Juices help you lose weight as it prevents hunger pangs without adding too many calories to your diet.

3. Convenient to consume-Drinking juices helps avoid the suffering of biting veggies you don’t like. All you need is to drink a glass of green juice, and you get all the nutrients your body requires. To top it all, it’s a time-efficient means of satisfying your daily vitamin requirements!

4. Energy booster- Juices not only provide your body with the calories to bury energy, but your body detoxification helps replenish lost energy levels. You will definitely start feeling better about yourself after you drink natural juices.

5. Delicious to taste- You will love drinking a cold glass of juice on a hot day. There are in fact fewer options available to help your body get the nutrients it requires than through natural juices.

With all these benefits, it’s not surprising that so many people have realized these benefits, and developed a habit of drinking juices every day. So why not you too join the bandwagon?!?