Winter is approaching and the toughest battle to face is the challenge of dry skin. When the temperature changes, cold wind blows, low humidity in the atmosphere, trying to get some warmth with indoor heaters etc can play a toll on your skin, lips etc. if you do not take proper care then the dryness of the skin can lead to wrinkles, fine lines and dark patches in your face. Do not let winter ruin your skin.

Start winter care much before the winter starts, hydrate your body sufficiently, exfoliate the skin to remove the dead skin cells, moisturize it regularly to keep away dryness, and most importantly nourish your skin with proper diet. This write-up will give you the top foods that you will have to include in your every day diet to cleanse and give the appropriate nutrients to the skin, and the added advantage is that you can use these foods for external applications also for better results.

Some basic thumb rules before we look at the super foods are – replace your hot shower to warm shower, immediately post a shower, say within 3 minutes moisturize your body to lock the moisture in the open pores, drink plenty of water, avoid stress and give rest to your body, include lip care as a part of your skin care regime.

Essential oils

Essential oils

It’s a pretty wise idea to use olive oil or coconut oil to massage your body 15 minutes before you go for a shower. Vitamin E and Vitamin A present in these oils which is the best nutrition for skin, takes care of the skin from getting dried. It helps to keep the skin hydrated and locks the moisture in the skin.  It prevents wrinkles and fine lines. Massaging the scalp helps to naturally moisturize the hair and prevent the scalp from getting attacked by dandruff.  Including these oils in routine cooking will also help to give the nourishment from within. A vegetable salad dressed with extra virgin olive oil is delicious heavenly.


Avocado is a well known fruit that soothes the skin and keeps away dryness. Avocado fruit is rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C and all these vitamins are primarily necessary for skin care. It is one of the important fruit that helps to have a radiant skin through the healthy organic fat and potassium present in it. Using the flesh of a well ripe avocado fruit as a face mask, together with olive oil or honey can improve a dull face in to a radiant glowing face.


This bright colored fruit has loads of beta-carotene, antioxidants and vitamin A, which cleanses the toxins out of the body to give a naturally fresh, blemish free, glowing skin. High amount of potassium in this vegetable will help to fight dry skin and the anti-oxidants will protect the skin from the harmful ultra violet rays of sun. Make a juice of carrot, or eat it raw in the form of salad to get the full nutrients from the vegetable. Purring the carrot and making a mask with adding milk will give an instant glow.

Green Tea

Green Tea

There is quite a lot of buzz around about the importance and significance of green tea. The anti-oxidants and the polyphones present in the green tea makes it special for overall wellbeing of human body. It helps to fight ageing signs like wrinkles, age spots etc.  Its anti-ageing properties prevent premature ageing. It is safe and wise to have 2 greens tea every day. Take the green tea from the used tea bag and mix honey to form a paste and apply as a mask for a clean spotless face.


When we talk about any topic related to health or diet, we cannot ignore the importance of spinach. This vibrant green leaves offer a whole lot of nutrients to the skin and body. It’s packed with vitamin A and anti-oxidants that improves the texture of the skin, fights free radicals, prevents ageing, repairs the skin and makes you look young and gleaming. Spinach also has loads of iron content which will prevent you from looking pale and dull. It’s renowned for its protection of skin from sun damage. Make a spinach smoothie combining with one of your favorite fruit and include it for your breakfast diet every day.  One can also include it as a part of fresh vegetable salads.

Alter your diet during winter and include the above 5 super foods and one can see amazing results in just a week’s time.