We take our foot for granted. It is our foot that bears our body weight, which takes us to every place we want to! It acts as a shock absorber in the automobile. Imagine a life without our legs and feet. Literally, we have to rely on someone for our daily routine. So it becomes utmost important that we take care of our feet properly.

Do not neglect the feet
When we neglect our feet and do not take proper care, we might end up getting fungal infection, crack, heel issues, and dry skin and so on. It causes major problem with our mobility and we might slow down the pace. So it becomes prime importance to include foot care routine in our daily schedule. All the more it is important for a diabetic patient to take care of the feet properly, reason being it will take a long time for them to heal.

Few Tips for foot care

· The first step towards a foot care is to remove your nail paint with the polish remover if it is half dropped and looks incomplete.
· Soaking your feet in warm water with shampoo or mild soap relaxes the feet. This should be done once in two days. It not only relaxes the feet, but also helps you to chill out and loosen up from the monotonous busy schedule. It lights up your day and gives a break. Soak your feet for at least 10 minutes.
· Rub your nails and heel with a toenail brush. This removes the dead and dry skin from heels and dirt from the nails. It is good to use pumice stone to remove the dead dry skin.
· Once you remove your foot from the water, pat it dry gently. Do not rub or scratch it harshly. Take extra care to pat dry between your fingers, because when water stays in between the fingers it infects and turns to fungal infection.
· Pull the cuticles backwards. Do not trim them. There are pins available exclusively for this purpose.
· Apply moisturizers evenly in the feet and toe. Apply crack cream if necessary for the heels to get a smooth and supple heel.
· Examine your toes for any cuts, blisters or any kind of foot problems.
· Trim the toenails in desired shape.
· Once the foot is dry, now you can paint your nail with vibrant colors.
· Buy a pedicure kit and have this done once a week, else you can visit a nearest parlour and pamper yourself to feel better.

Points to ponder
Now having known how to keep the feet clean and healthy, here are some general tips that one has to follow apart from doing a mini pedicure at home.

· Wear clean socks every day.
· Avoid wearing pointed heel shoes on ordinary days. Those are for occasions. It is preferable to use flat slippers.
· Prefer heel covered sandals and slippers in your foot- wear collection.
· Use a cushion slipper at home exclusively.
· Do not stand for too long.
· Keep your feet elevated to avoid swelling when you have to sit for a long time like travelling.
· Regularly do small exercises that you improve the blood circulation to your feet.
· Select appropriate shoes that suit your size. Walk and see if it is comfortable before you buy them. Keep in mind that more than being stylish it has to be soothing and comforting.
· If one has a flat feet or a high arc, then consult with the doctor on what design shoes would suit you best.
· Every time you come home from outside, wash your feet. It would remove all dust and infectious germs.

Feet Reflexology
It is a special massage intended for the feet, in which pressure is given to different parts of the feet which are corresponding to different part of the body. All the nerves from head end at toe. So any kind of health issue can be addressed using this pressure method and treated from feet. A feet massage is part of the pedicure that is done at the parlor. But if one is pregnant or having a heart disease it is not ideal for them to go for feet reflexology.

A magnificent foot is something that everyone desires. Particularly when you choose to wear a skirt or shorts, if your feet look elegant then it would add on to your overall personality.