This Articles is written by Jessica Tess a leading writer on Skin related products and works at Houston laser tattoo removal clinic MD Aesthetic.

A lot of people around the world would love to have skin like models from commercials on television; nobody would like to have skin that looks dry and dull. Being able to have such glowing skin is not necessarily easy, but there are small ways by which the skin can become clear. Here are five habits that can help make your skin clear.

Drink the right liquids

To have healthy skin, one has to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water, each glass being 16 ounces. Dehydration is clearly visible on the skin, it makes the skin look flaky in patches, moreover the skin gets an odd coloring. Coffee is a good example of a liquid that can make your skin look dehydrated, as coffee is diuretic it boosts the movement of fluids through the body.

Make sure you drink equal amounts of water after drinking coffee to make sure your body is completely hydrated. The same rules apply for alcohol.

Don’t spend too much time in the sun

Spending too much time in the sun can make your skin dry and dead, applying sunscreen in correct amounts and intervals can help to some extent but it cannot completely limit the process of drying of skin. So, try to make sure you do not spend too much time in the sun.

Wash your face more often

Nowadays, people are using the services of a makeup remover to remove the make up from their skin, but the alcohol content in the skin can make the skin very dry. Makeup remover is very useful and can remove the makeup from the face but it is important to try to have a wash after the makeup is removed

Get right amounts of sleep

Late nights are a normal thing for many of us, we assume that it does not have too many effects on our body. However, what happens is the body does not have the time to conduct essential repairs on the body. During the night is when the cells in our body get their TLC, it is during this time that the cells are rejuvenated. If you are not sleeping enough your body will not have the energy to recover as all the energy is used for activities your doing while you are awake at night. Waking up early after giving the body its fair share of rest is a healthy habit and it helps gain time to exercise and to pursue other interests.

Eat vegetables and fruits

People are not too conscious of what they are eating when they are in a hurry; they tend to eat considerable amounts of refined carbohydrates in order to appease their hunger. This is not too good for the skin. The sugar from the carbohydrates are transported to our skin, this makes the skin possess an uneven and dull appearance.