What is rosacea?

When the facial skin had red and flaky like it looks like skin burned then its rosacea. The rosacea victim will have an itchy skin on the face along with acute pain like stinging and burning. Due to the itchy feeling they have and starching that they do, they end up having a swelling on the face. Eyes become sober, pink, irritable and watery.

What are its symptoms?

Typical symptoms of rosacea are redness and sun burn like patches on the face, cheeks, fore head. Other symptoms are blood vessel visible on the face. Pimples and acne breakout is also one of the major symptom. Occasionally it contains pus in it. Rosacea is called adult acne. A severe rosacea may affect the eyes badly.

Who are the victims?

Though rosacea may affect anybody, in general it is seemed to attack people with lighter skin tone. It is not a contagious skin disease. Sometimes it is witnessed to be hereditary. Typical sufferers of rosacea are people from white origin like Scottish, Irish, and English people from Western Europe.

Few tips to manage rosacea effectively

Rosacea can be very much embarrassing. It destroys the self confidence and rosacea sufferers shun away from public and social gathering. Read this article more to find out a few simple ways to handle rosacea competently. When rosacea is untreated for quite some time there are chances that it could develop to a disease by itself. Rosacea cannot be completely cured, while it can be controlled and managed by following these words of advice

Identify the triggers: Most of the time rosacea will flare up due to a few triggers, depending upon the nature of the skin. So, it’s prudent to first identify the reasons behind rosacea attack and causes of it flaring up. For example it could be because of a use of certain product or due to exposure of pollution. In such a case, avoiding these triggers will help to a greater extent. A few of these triggers include alcohol, spicy food etc.
Cleanse your face: mild cleansers can be used to clean the face quite frequently. This can bring in some relief towards the symptoms of rosacea. However it is advised not to rub, scrub or exfoliate frequently. Gently wash the face with cleanser and dab the face.
Using Sun screen: sun protection is the key towards controlling rosacea. Exposure of skin to sun will flare up the allergy. Using a effective sun screen while going out, covering your face with scarf without exposing it directly to the sun, going out only if absolutely necessary during the day can help to better the situation. While choosing a sun screen opt for the ones those have SPF 15 to 25, because only those can effectively handle sun burns.

Fight rosacea effectively with few amazing tips that work_image
Stay away from smoking and alcohol: as discussed earlier in this article, smoking and alcohol is one of the major trigger for rosacea flaring up. Hence avoiding these can bring down the severity of rosacea.
Dietary know-how: spicy food is an adversary product for rosacea. Foods that are in extreme temperature like very hot or very cold does not suit rosacea sufferers. Citrus fruits, chocolates, yeast dairy products are some of the food to be avoided.
Use chemical free products: be it make-up products or cosmetic products; watch out for harsh chemicals in the products. This will worsen the situation. Alternatively use some of the products that have natural ingredients, those are made by plant cells and are mineral based, which will help to fight rosacea symptoms. Use products those are recommended for sensitive skin. Instead of using those sponges those are rough, for applying powder or foundation, it is better to use anti bacterial brushes.

Minimize stress: stress and other emotional disturbance is also one of the trigger for rosacea, hence managing these emotional imbalances can help to reduce rosacea effectively.
Use non scented products: cleansers, soaps, lotions, creams that are used by rosacea sufferers should be free from these artificial fragrance added to it. It ought to be mild and prescribed for sensitive skin. To give a clear picture, a lotion with eucalyptus scent, peppermint oil or menthol fragrance should be explicitly avoided.

Hope this article has brought that insight in you about what rosacea is, its symptoms, what to avoid rosacea from flaring up etc. if treated properly we can have rosacea under control, such that one may not get physiologically and psychologically affected by rosacea. In case of adverse symptoms, it is advised to meet physicians for oral medication.