If you’re looking for the answer to the best facial skin care routine, there’s bad news for you. There’s nothing called the ‘generic facial skin care formula’ to follow as all dermatologists assert that you should follow a skin care routine based on your skin type.

The market today offers many products made using different ingredients to give different effects. While some products may work on one skin type, it may give adverse effects on other skin types. There are basically four types of skin types; normal, dry, oily and combination, and there is always a chance of your skin type changing over time.

This is why younger people have a higher tendency of having normal skin than older people. Various factors like sensitivity levels, water content which affects your skin’s comfort and elasticity and oil content which affects your skin softness.

Facial Care For Different Skin Types

a) Normal Skin

The best facial skin care regimen for those with normal skin involves using a mild facial cleanser and toner. With normal skin, you may have no or few imperfections, a radiant complexion, pores which are barely visible and no severe sensitivity problems. You may or may not require moisturizers; you can find out by experimenting first as if you find applying a moisturizer leads to breakouts, you most probably don’t need it.

b) Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, you need to use products with ingredients opposite to those required by oily skin. Your dry skin looks thin and flaky, and may feel tight even during midday as it’s too sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. While people with dry skin are less prone to acne, their skin is more prone to chapping, even in wet weather.
Dry Skin
You also have almost invisible pores, red patches, more visible lines, a dull and rather rough complexion and less skin elasticity. There is a chance of your skin cracking, peeling or getting itchy, inflamed or irritated when exposed to drying factors. Your skin may also become rough and scaly, especially behind your arms, legs and hands if it is very dry.

If you have dry skin, its better to use a facial wash or soap bar meant for sensitive skin and follow with an alcohol-free and creamy cleanser plus toner. It’s also better if you use moisturized makeup and make it a point to drink lots of water.

c) Oily Skin

While oil is important for preventing dry and flaking skin, overactive oil glands leads to more sebum production than needed. Those with oily skin have skin with a shiny look and greasy feel and are highly prone to pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. You also have enlarged pores with a thick complexion.

If your skin is oily, you should wash your face twice a day using a medicated foaming facial wash or cleansing bar. Also wash your face after heavy perspiration. Make it a point to use an astringent, alcohol-based toner and witch hazel as they are good for oily skin and use more of products labeled ‘noncomedogenic’ as they do not clog pores.

To treat sudden breakouts what do not need to be there, apply a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide treatment. However use this carefully as it can dry the spot too. Moreover, do not use the peroxide solution unless specified by your dermatologist as it may end up too strong for your skin. In case of those with severe acne problems, a higher concentration benzoyl peroxide is a better option.

d) Combination Skin

Combination Skin
There are lots of people with combination skin, comprising of an oily T-zone (chin, nose and forehead) with dry skin everywhere else. Generally, your combination skin may lead to blackheads, overly dilated pores and shiny skin.
The best facial skin care routine for you is to use different products for the different parts of your face. This however can turn out to be an expensive and tedious process. Instead, use one of the many skin care products specially meant for use on combination skin. For example, you could use alcohol-based products on your T-zone, and then dilute them in water when applying to your cheeks, eye region and neck.

So it’s up to you to decide and choose the best skin care regimen and face cleansing techniques for yourself based on your skin type.