Curly hair does make a lady look lovely. This is something you would have noticed if you have seen a woman with curly hair. However styling your curly hair can be a painstaking task. Read on to find out ways to tame your curly hair

Though curly hair looks beautiful, it is extremely difficult to maintain as it dries out easily. Therefore conditioning your hair regularly is a necessity. Conditioning will return back the moisture lost when shampooing. A conditioner for dry hair is what you should be using to smoothen your curly tresses. A conditioner also aids in de tangling curly hair.

Preferring a deep cleaning shampoo to remove all the dust and grime formed at the scalp will help keep your hair and scalp clean.

Regular hair is best dried using a towel, however towel drying curly hair can cause more frizz to be formed. It is therefore ideal to blow dry your curls. Caution needs to be taken to ensure using a blow dryer only for 5 minutes as further use can damage and dry hair follicles.

The frizz of curly hair can be controlled by using ant-frizz creams and creams that help define curls.
If you have both curly and straight hair combination then you need to take care of each section separately. Since both require different treatment to look beautiful, you need to ensure you use products that are relevant to each type.

The coarseness of hair can be reduced by oiling your hair regularly. Tying your hair tightly after application of oil can help straighten you hair relatively. The hair will become a lot more manageable if you keep it tied and knotted when going to sleep.

Using leave in hair oil makes the curly hair more tamed and manageable. After your bath, you can comb the locks and then apply the leave in hair oil to see visible results almost instantaneously.

Scrunching hair only makes the frizz worse, so avoid doing it.

The key to lovely curly locks is keeping it moisturized and soft. Following the tips mentioned above will take care of the frizz and make your hair look lovely.