At your mid thirties when you glance yourself in the mirror, am sure you are not happy enough to see that early signs of ageing like wrinkles, grey hair and most important one being crow feet. Crow feet are nothing but the fine lines that appear from the eyes towards the hairline. These may be think straight line initially and later gets a curve and becomes a thick curved lines running. Isn’t it quite embarrassing? Yes of course. But there are a lot of treatments available to treat crow’s feet.

Why and how one gets crow’s feet?

The skin surrounding the eyes is very thin when compared to the skin present in other parts of the body. Also that particular area does not have any oil glands resulting in getting dried up very soon. So it becomes absolutely necessary for us to moisturize that area sufficiently. Also due to the frequent facial expressions like smiling, laughing, squinting, frowning, the skin in the area gets stretched. As it is there is less collagen secretion in the area, additionally when the skin in the area does get used up a lot for expressions, the elasticity of the skin loosens resulting in getting the skin under the eyes puffed up or looking like a loose bag.

Treatments for crow’s feet

Unlike earlier days, there are a range of treatments that are available for the crow’s feet, depending on the time and money one is ready to spend. Basically these are divided in to two major divisions, invasive treatment and non-invasive treatment.Treatments for crow’s feet

Invasive Treatment

Cosmetic treatment  , which demand recovery time and are done under partial or complete anesthesia are called as invasive treatments. This include the following

Botox Treatment – In a Botox treatment, injections containing collagen are injected in to the areas where there are wrinkles and crow feet. These collagen puffs up the skin, evens it out and the wrinkles and crow’s feet fades away.

Botox Treatment

Facelift surgery – It is a popular cosmetic surgery where a complete facial treatment is given in the form of a surgery.

Laser treatment – A laser light is passed through the skin, under medical observation, which stimulates the collagen and brings a even tone on the skin.

Risks associated

Expensive treatments

Painful treatments

Recovery time is needed as one has to undergo invasive treatments

The results may not be permanent for example Botox treatment has to be undergone once in a year for better results.

Chances of risk are high in Botox treatment as it paralyses the skin on the face.

Non Invasive treatment

These treatments are considered to be safest treatment, though the results may not be as visible as early as an invasive treatment. These are not miracles, hence does not happen overnight. But when patiently continued, it will surely show results, without any side effects.

Over the counter creams – There are lot of over the counter creams that are available without any prescription for crow’s feet.  When these are carefully chosen, avoiding chemical ingredients and opting for natural ingredients, they do actually show good results. Particularly those which have hydroxyl acid will help as a good exfoliate to remove dead cells. CoQ10 helps to free radicals and work wonders on crow’s feet.

Home remedies – A few of the home remedies like applying egg white, will naturally nourish the skin and makes crow’s feet to disappear.

One has to beat the egg white until it becomes foamy and apply it, let it for 15 minutes and then wash to get the elasticity of the skin.

Papaya is rich in vitamin C and when applied with honey as a pack, papain the enzyme present in papaya tightens the skin.

Alternatively milk is rich in glycolic acid which nurtures the skin by removing the dead cells and improving the production of collagen which automatically fades off crow’s feet.

Aloe Vera is supposed to be the best antioxidant to treat dryness which is the major cause of wrinkles.

Vitamin E the essential oil that helps in regeneration of fresh skin, makes one look younger.

Risk Associated

There is absolutely no risk associated with any of the above non invasive treatments, except for the over the counter creams, which has to be carefully chosen.

Some may get redness in the skin, nevertheless, even that is temporary.

Some lotions may contain astringent which will make the skin firmer for some time only.