Almost every one of us craves for a healthy and admirable hair. Hair loss is one of the major problems faced by both men and women of any age.

One of the few industries that are minting money is the cosmetic industry with respect to treatment of hair loss. Losing hair is the last thing that anybody will want to. There are many ways in which this can be avoided. This is associated emotionally to our lives. It gives a scary picture from thinning and receding hair line to getting worse of a bald head.
There are many reasons and causes for hair loss. It could be an imbalanced diet, hormonal change or typically due to stress factors. This article further will give a few tips to fight hair loss with a few easy steps.

Using appropriate hair brush
Selecting a suitable hair brush is the first and foremost step towards reducing hair fall. Choosing a hair brush with wider spaced, tender, head friendly one is vital. It stimulates the blood circulation in your head thereby providing the needed nutrients to the scalp. This stimulates hair growth. One should avoid over brushing of hair which weakens the scalp resulting in hair loss. Though brushing ensures to give a volume and tangle free look brushing over and over again should be avoided.

Healthy balanced Diet
A healthy balanced diet is not only important for the metabolism but it is important for a healthy hair as well. This ensures to give the needed vitamins, minerals and proteins for hair growth. Vitamin C presents in the fruits and fresh vegetables increases the secretion of collagen which is vital for hair growth. Vitamin C is present in abundance in citrus fruits like lemon and oranges. Vitamin E gives good nourishment to the hair and makes it stronger. A poor diet will lead to a poor quality hair. Avoid fatty food and include protein rich food that gives all the natural supplements. Adding walnut, flax seeds and fruits to one’s diet will pick up the pace of hair growth.

Avoiding Chemicals
Picking out the right shampoo to suit the hair texture is likewise fundamental. One should opt for natural products rather than the products that have harsh chemicals, which exposes hair follicles to weaken. There are wide ranges of natural home remedies available to clean the hair. Usage of these products not only stops hair fall but also ensures a good healthy hair growth. Few techniques like, soaking mustard seeds, grinding and making a paste and applying as a pack, mashing banana and applying it as a pack will help to soften the hair. Adding a few shoe flower leaves in the hot water while boiling acts as a natural conditioner.

Avoid artificial coloring
Though hair coloring and dying gives a vibrant look, these are harmful for the hair as it contains chemicals in it. Limited usage of hair color is advised only when it is necessary. Frequent usage will lead to drying of hair texture and hair fall. To add, frequently changing the original style of the hair like ironing and straightening also damages the hair.

Hair Massage
Hair Massage with warm oil in circular movements in the scalp will increase the blood circulation and helps in hair growth. Hair follicles need the required amount of nutrients and this could be supplied through increased blood flow through massage. Essential oils like vitamin E, Jojoba oil, lavender oil will be beneficial.

Avoid hair dryers
Artificially drying the hair with the help of hair driers damage the hair follicles due the excessive heat that is emitted out of the drier. There is no doubt that the hair looks straight and beautiful when it is blow dried, but eventually it leads to hair fall. Also it is advised not to brush the hair when it is wet as the hair will be vulnerable to fall during that time.

Manage stress
Stress is the primary reason for accelerating hair loss. During the time when we are stressed out our body releases a hormone that affects hair growth leading to a hair fall. A relaxing therapy probably practicing yoga, meditation, hobby of your choice would reduce the stress levels which results in reduction of hair loss. Stop worrying for hair loss and start being more positive and it works!

If one is suffering from acute hair loss or hair loss in patches, it is advised to meet a physician rather than getting over the counter medicines which might have adverse effects.