Summer vacations are round the corner. Planning for a beach vacation, exotic trekking or a pool party? Whatever be your plans, do not forget to take a sun screen with you when you are outside in sun. Exposing your skin to harsh sun directly will result in sun tan, sun burn or in worst cases it may lead to skin cancer too! But don’t panic, there is a way out for this problem too. Buy a good sun screen that will act as a cover to your body that is exposed out to the sun. This write up will help you to choose the best and right sunscreen that will be of great assistance to you.

  1.       SPF – The primary reason for buying a sunscreen is to protect from sun. so go for a sunscreen that is more than SPF 15, but less than SPF 50, which will act as a shield for your skin.
  2.       Cream based sunscreen – there are spray based and powder based sun screens available in the market, which are much easier to use. But the protection that a cream based or lotion based sunscreen can give is unmatched by these sprays or powders.Cream based sunscreen
  3.       Ingredients – Make sure the ingredients of the sunscreen are not containing chemicals those are harmful to skin like oxybenzone, Retinyl palmitate, parabens etc.
  4.       UV Rays – It is prudent to look for broad spectrum sun screens which will protect from UVA and UVB rays, because both Ultraviolet A and B are destructive to skin.
  5.       Water Resistance – Buying a sunscreen which is water resistance is quite useful if you are out for swimming or playing in a beach
  6.       Water Based – If you are a person suffering from acne problems, then water based sunscreen lotions will be ideal for your skin rather than a oil based sun screen lotion, since oil based sun screens may lead to acne outbreak flare up.
  7.       Sensitive skin – In case your current sun screen lotion is giving you a stinging feeling or it hurts you, then it’s time to change the sunscreen and buy something that your skin will feel more comfortable with.
  8.       Sunscreen for children – Kids too need sunscreen as much as adults do, hence buying a sun screen that is kids-friendly is indeed more important. Doing a research on the kid’s product before buying will be a good idea, since kids skin is sensitive and we cannot do a trial and error.Sunscreen for children
  9.       Sensitive skin – In case you have a sensitive skin, or your skin is prone to allergies, then avoiding sun screens that have strong scent, perfume, harsh chemicals, alcohol etc is wise. Be doubly sure and recheck the ingredients list of the sun screen.
  10.   Expiry date – it is shrewdness to check the expiry date of any product before you buy, and it applies for buying a sun screen also. Else it will lead to skin problems.

Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes prior going out, reapplying sun screen every 2 hours, avoiding going out during noon to evening when ultra violet rays are high are a few precautions that we can take to care for our skin.