If it is your wish to pull off a great new look, knowing the right hair color for your skin tone is vital. You have an array of hair colors to choose from, however not all color will suit everybody’s skin tone. Coloring your hair is not just a personal statement but also gives the world a glimpse of what exactly you are. Using hair colors that go with your skin tone works wonders.

A professional hair stylist will first take a look at the type and color of your skin before deciding the color of your hair dye. Skin tones are of two types namely warm and cool. If you have a yellowish base then you are termed to have warm skin tone and if you have a pink undertone it is said that you have a cool skin tone.

When you have a warm skin tone, hair colors that are warm like red, brown and dark blond work well. You would have a washed out look if you were to use a lighter color on warm skin tones. It is better you stay closer to your natural hair color especially if you are trying hair coloring for the very first time. You can either color your hair five shades darker of lighter on you first attempt.

If you have a cool skin tone, go for shades that are lighter. These individuals need to be very careful in choosing the hair color as going too close to the skin tone can give the individual a washed out look quickly. You can choose to color the hair with a platinum-blond color using blue undertones. These individuals would have a washed out effect if they choose a hair color that is too dark or bright.

If you are unsure of the right hair color, or even otherwise it is ideal to seek the help of a styling professional. Choose an individual who is licensed to be a hair stylist. If it is your first attempt in coloring your hair going with temporary or semi-permanent hair color will be ideal. When hair color doesn’t contain enough peroxide, the hair color washes off easily. This is because peroxide will help change the hair color and not having peroxide in the hair color solves no purpose. You can choose semi-permanent color that stays for around six washes. This type of color is used so that you can decide if hair color is something that you would like to have permanently.

The current trend is to add highlights and lowlights to your hair. Using many colors instead of just one color gives you a stylish look. Using richer colors that are bright will be termed as lowlights and adding lighter and softer colors is termed as highlights.