Feet is one of the neglected parts of the body as a rule, despite the fact that it is most important part, which helps us in standing, walking, running and bearing the whole weight of our body. Taking proper care of feet is very important for a wholesome health. Read this article further to know how to take proper care of your feet.

Clean your feet regularly: Every time you return home, it is advised to clean your feet with lukewarm water to decrease the possibility of getting infected by germs and dirt.

Moisturize your feet: Use a mild moisturizer twice a day to pamper your feet. A foot is exposed to the environment largely and a chance of feet getting dry very quick is more. Hence one needs to moisturize the feet regularly.

Be choosy with your footwear: The widespread reason for a foot problem and the great culprit is a wrong foot wear. The foot wear ought to be of correct size and it has to be comfortable. In case of shoes, it has to be made of good quality leather and it has to be airy for the legs to breath in. Spending money to buy a good pair of foot wear is surely worth the cost. The foot wear should give you sufficient cushion to your feet and need to allow proper blood circulation.

Socks are equally important: Buy cotton socks and wash it habitually. The socks should be able to absorb sweat else it will lead to foot infections. Ensure to wear clean socks. Socks with elastic needs to be relaxing rather than clotting the blood circulation.

Avoid high heels: Though wearing a high heel or a pointed shoe may display your fashion ethics, it’s quite unfriendly to the whole body. One who uses a high heels shoe continuously suffer from headache, back pain and blood pressure. Chances of the person affected by sprains and neck problems are also more. Occasional use for a short time like party is acceptable. Likelihood of getting an ankle fracture if not competent to use is also a point to be kept in mind.

Have regular foot massage: Treating yourself with a foot massage can relax the whole body. A foot massage includes having multiple strokes on your feet, ankle exercise with rotation. One will feel refreshing and great post a foot massage as the whole nervous system of the anatomy is connected and ends at the feet. Be Not Careless In Pampering Your Feet_imageIt has the major acupuncture points to cure many of the ailments. It not only promotes good blood circulation, but also lifts ones mood. It’s a great feel good factor to be experienced. A professional reflexoligist can make wonders.
Use sun screen: when visiting a beach or a theme park, do not forget to sunscreen your feet to avoid tanning, sun burn and other skin problems

Warm water therapy: amidst your busy schedule if you do not have time for a pedicure, take some time off to have a warm water therapy at home. Take lukewarm water, add a few drops of shower gel or shampoo and soak your feet for 15 minutes. Rub the heels with pumice stone and correct the nails and cuticle. This will help to overcome foot pain and infections. But do not forget to dab the skin to make dry between your fingers before you moisturize, else it may cause fungal infections. Avoid greasy or waxy moisturizers.

Care blisters and calluses: after a warm water therapy, exfoliating the feet gently will remove the dead cells. Apply antiseptic cream or gel to heal the calluses. But using blades or scissors to cut the dead cells is a complete no-no. Heel cup cushions inside the shoe can give smoothening effect.

Diabetic’s patient: Foot care is one among the primary care in case of a person having diabetics. A nerve damage in feet which is not attended in timely manner can lead to serious feet problems and result in feet amputation as well. So it is a must for a diabetic person to take proper care of the feet. If the feet are blue then there is insufficient blood flow, which has to be paid attention.

When the feet is ignored it could result in serious issues like athlete foot, chilblains, verrucas and other problems like toe fungus. Follow at least a few of the above points, take good care of your feet and it will show good results. Make foot care habitual and part of your daily schedule for a healthy lifestyle.