How to make your nails stronger? is a question every women ask themselves. Gorgeous nails are so hard to grow and maintain, why is it so? The most important reason for this is because nails are dead. If they were alive we wouldn’t have to work so much on making them grow. Then you might be wondering “If they aren’t alive, how do they grow?”. Well, it is a less know fact, but nails do not grow. What really happens is that new cells develop at the base of the nail and push the old cells out; giving nails an illusion of growth.

Here are a few tips on taking care of your nails so that they get stronger and longer in no time.

Never share the file while making your nails longer and stronger Sharing the nail file, even with a close friend or a family member is a complete no no. The nail file is a good means of capturing and trapping germs and so keeping yours to yourself will do you a lot of good.

Wearing the correct shoe size to make your toe nails strong You love those pointy shoes, however if you are trying hard to fit your leg into those shoes that are too small then your toenail might grow into your skin causing painful ingrown nail. Ingrown nails can be very painful with a lot of swelling and infection. Nails that are too long, when cramped into small shoes can also cause them to crack or form a bluish or black discoloration. Sometimes it is even possible for the long nails to lift up causing infection.

Proper moisturization is one technique to build healthy nails. Nails that are not hydrated tend to become parched and dry causing them to crack and peel. Furthermore cuticles that aren’t hydrated will become infected and also might look ragged. These cuticles form infection and develop hangnails which is not healthy. Use moisturizers that are thick and greasy to keep your fingers and toes hydrated.

Avoid staying barefoot to save your nails Public places require you to stay with your shoes on. This is so because, places that are warm and wet are fungi and bacteria breeding grounds. These micro-organisms stay on your feet if you go barefoot and cause infection. The rate in which the nails grow varies person to person and this can be altered. Growth of nails can be influenced by hormones and temperature. This is exactly why nails of pregnant women grow like crazy. It is a universal fact that nails can’t be made to grow with wonder pills or a particular type of food, however infections, poor health and old age can cause deterioration of nails. Hydrating nails and minimal use of external chemicals will make them looking good as new.