There are lots of things you can use for making and crafting jewellery like vintage charms, which can be used for making charm bracelets and other unique jewellery pieces. These charms are small decorations that come in various shapes like hearts, musical instruments, flowers and other similar figures.

These charms are as popular as they can be individualized and used for making different jewellery products. Charms are not actually meant to serve functionality as they are about appearance. In fact, they can effectively make an ordinary piece of jewellery look really stunning.

Around since the 1950s

These charms date all the way back to the early days of human existence wherein they depicted elements like rocks, bones and sticks and were made from natural elements. With the passage of tie, more artisans started crafting charms using various materials for adorning jewel pieces like bracelets and necklaces.

Charm bracelets grew in popularity in the 1950s wherein they were widely worn by teenagers. Teenage girls made it a habit to collect charms over the years to symbolize their different pursuits, accomplishments and interests.

Buy in bulk to save money

Vintage charms are a collector’s dream and come with a higher price than the normal charms that are created today. If you want to save money buying vintage charms, buy them in bulk. However if you have found vintage charms for use in your personal collection or in your jewellery creations, here are some things you have to consider.

You have to take your time to choose as you may get a better price or quality charm at the next store. So take your time to browse through the listings of wholesale vintage charms in various stores before choosing one.
You also have to wait for a few days or week before buying as while new stocks are expensive on arrival; its rates generally reduce with time.

Buy based on themes

It is always better to choose and buy vintage charms based on themes so that you do not buy too many charms that do not work together or don’t help in improving the general appeal of finished jewellery.

You could choose theme relating to your life story, vacation, profession or some other remembrance or even zodiac charms. Other themes you can also consider are money and finance, charms of various eras and mechanical charms.
Do some browsing online to master the charm market so that you know if the charm you choose is rare and vintage. Though you may find listings of rare charms when you browse online, they may not always be true. This is why it’s better to check the seller’s feedback to find out if the claim is genuine.