When it comes to ensuring that nails stand out, nothing beats shiny nail polish that is evenly applied. However when it comes to the process of getting there, a lot of time has to be spent to ensure that the polish isn’t damaged in any way. With the invention of nail polish dryers, these here have been found the 10 best nail polish dryers.

1. 12 w LED Light Lamp Black Nail Dryer For Curing Led Nail Polish

nail dryer

Coming with 60 LED lamp bulbs, you get to choose the time you want to have your nails dried from as lowas30 seconds to as high as 30 minutes.

2. OPI LED Lamp False Nails


With the fear of having false nails fall at any given time because of uneven drying, this nail polish dryer ensures that this does not happen. With the capability of five fingers curing simultaneously, you are assured of having beautiful nails that won’t fall off.

3. OPI Professional Studio Led Light

With up to 32 LED lights strategically placed in the nail polish dryer, this is one dryer that guarantees perfect nails.

4. USpicy MACARON 36W Nail Dryer UV Lamp


Talk about gel nail polish, acrylic nails. Or shellac curing, this nail dryer will do everything you want it to do. Coming with protective UV gloves and a sliding tray you can set the time and relax as your nails dry.

5. MelodySusie High Quality Portable 24LED Lamp Nail Dryer

If you are searching for a fast nail polish dryer, then search no more. With a timer set running between 15 to 60 seconds, you can always carry this dryer around for your acrylic nail needs.

6. Gelish: SALON Essentials LED Light 18G Gelish

Gel nail polish should not be disturbed in any way if it is to come off as neat. However with the time it takes, the likelihood is almost impossible. With this nail dryer, you get to have the best gel nail polish finishes as it comes with 3rd generation LED lights.

7. VOGUE professional Nail dryer

With a 3 step timer and 18 watts of LED lights, this dryer gives professional results in both manicure and pedicure. With only seconds to dry, there will never be any wastage of time.

8. 60 w Professional Ccfl LED Nail Lamp Led Light

With 15 watts usually doing a pretty fast and quality job, this 60 w piece of equipment will give an art to be envied. With all your acrylic and gel polishes catered for there’s nothing more you will need.

9.LKE 36W LED Gel Nail Curing LED Light

Coming in a small sized packet, this 36 W led lights is best for gel nail polishes. Giving you a range time to dry the nail polish, you have nothing but the best on your hands.

10. 54 watts Royal Nails Professional UV Light Nail Dryer

If you have a particular brand name nail polish in mind, the compatibility with this nail polish dryer is a given. Works best with shellac, OPI, Harmony Gellish, IBD gelac, CND and many others for the results desired.