Food is any nutritious substance that is mostly obtained from plants and can be a drunk or eaten. Living things like animals and human being rely on food for survival and growth. Eating unhealthy food is very dangerous to your health and can even cause diseases or death.

For one to have a healthy and long life it is wise to avoid eating unhealthy food.

Let me take you through some of the unhealthy food to avoid;



Sodas are the most commonly used drink because of its sweetness. They contain some calories which are not good for your health. Also there are other health risks that are accompanied by use of soda like gaining weight tooth decay among others. If you really want to stay away from sodas it is wise to look for other alternative beverages like green tea or any other all natural drinking diet that is healthy.



Coffee is another beverage that most people normally enjoy but there are healthy risks of coffee that people don’t know about it. Drinking too much coffee will greatly damage your thinking level.


fried foods

Deep frying food is a simple task to undertake, but there are very much cholesterol that is from fried foods. Eating too much fried food, there very many health complications that may occur like clogging of arteries, cancer, heart diseases, stroke and many more.

Most of the fried food in day to day life are potatoes which are known as chips and French fries. Having known the diseases cause by these foods, it easy for you to avoid and live a healthy life free from illnesses.



You may think that doughnut is the healthiest food for your breakfast but in real sense this is not the case. They contain cholesterol, fat as well as sugar which contribute to obesity and also causes illness that might lead to death. It’s with great concern that doughnuts should be avoided in order to improve on your well – being.



Hot dogs, sausages, bacon and other processed meat have carcinogenic ingredients with sodium that causes cancer. It is recommended that you should ensure that the meat you buy is free from fillers. Most of the fillers produce bacteria that are very dangerous to your health.



Are you in doubts with yogurt? Well, this is a drink that are very cheap to make and buy and it contains sugar thus making people to continue drinking it. If you are still in doubt about it, there are health hazards that are accompanied by drinking yogurt and they are very bad.


Bag of potato crisps

Packed food may sound the healthiest food ever but this is not the case. Packaged chips contains flavors which have MSG (Mono sodium Glutamate) which is widespread in a package of food. This substance also it’s not good for your health.



If you want to live a safe life free from fats and cholesterol you can simply avoid cheese. Cheese also contains sodium in it which is salty and really tempts a person to keep eating. This salty flavor is not good for your health and you should maintain minimum grams of salt intake. Salty food is believed to cause high blood pressure among other illnesses.



Many people think that kid cereals are the best and healthiest food to bring up a child with. But they are very wrong because the Kellogg which popularly known cereals have high fructose corn syrup that is not healthy.


During hot weather, people normally eats ice cream to cool themselves and to quench thirst a bit. You may wonder why ice cream is among unhealthy foods to avoid. It contains high level of cholesterol which is bad once it gets into the body. Therefore, ice cream should be avoided.



Meat from pigs is very yummy and is believed to be the healthy white meat but the products made from it have side effects to healthiness of the body. Sausages and bacon which are products processed from pork are not as healthy as I may sound. As I stated there are dangers of eating them and the bad thing is that they cause cancer which is a killer disease.



It is quite fancy eating pizza, the attractive toppings of ham, sausages and other pieces of processed meat are appealing and the dough looks colorful. With the mention of the processed meat, by this I mean there is a high intake of sodium which is unhealthy.

The aforementioned list of bad food guides you on what type of food you shouldn’t eat so that you can to stay healthy.