Exercise not only helps to keep your body fit and sexy, but it has far too advantages than you can imagine. It helps to relax, get rid of depression, anxiety, handle stress effectively, and help you to sleep better which leads to an energetic day, improve memory power and stay in better mood. Apart from this, routine exercise kills obesity, which leads to many other disorders like diabetic, blood pressure etc.

When you regularly exercise, you can notice a whole lot of change in your sex life as well. Positive energy flow in, which keeps you handle things more efficiently. So, when we talk about exercising it definitely does not mean that you have to be a part of expensive gym and do monotonous boring workouts.  There are many simple things that we can follow which will turn out to be effective workouts that make our life happy and improve our overall well being.

Amazing Benefits of Exercise

Amazing benefits of exercise

Mental health – While in a trouble or crisis, sitting all day long with a gloomy mood or getting depressed is not going to bring any solutions. Instead if you have workouts as your daily routine, it will improve your positive outlook and you will find that energy to tackle the problem with more confidence.

Better Mood – while exercising human body releases a hormone called endorphins, which is the major cause for a stable and calm mood. This will be the best treatment for depression and anxiety. In fact it is the most prescribed medication for depressed people.

Concentration – the same endorphin hormone, will improve your concentration skills thereby enhancing your skills in completing your task effectively and efficiently. It helps to stimulate the brain cells growth and regeneration of the repaired cells. Since it activates the brain power, memory will also substantially increase and will be sharp.

Boosting self-confidence – When you exercise regularly you tend to improve your physical looks and as well as your positivity around you improves your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Overall wellbeing – by doing a routine exercise, as simple as stretching, breathing exercise, walking etc, you burn up calories, and it improves your eating habits. Also the sleeping patterns will change to become healthy.

Immunity – since physically and mentally you are feeling better, it improves your immunity, which will help you cope better with your physical and emotional problems.

Relaxes body – when we are in stress, we feel that our body is stiff, feeling pain in head, neck and back, heaviness in chest and other ailments gives it a company like heart burn, headache etc. when we exercise regularly, body muscles relax and becomes flexible. Hence during stress the above said physical symptom does not arise, giving us capability to handle the stress much better. Also the endorphin helps us to be able to mentally overcome the stress factors.

How to Break the Ice?

If you are a lazy person and couch potato, then starting a work out regime is a bit tough. Break the ice by starting something small. As you watch your favorite  show, do small exercises like revolving your neck, stretching your hands, breathing exercise etc. then gradually start with small movements like throwing a ball for your dog to reach, then play a shuttle with your son inside the balcony. Any kind of work out, like climbing the stairs, arranging your cupboard, walking as you do window shopping in a mall etc also can burn your calories. Then slowly increase the timings that you spend on the physical activity, as you will feel and start reaping the benefits of the workout. You can see a sea change in your mood pattern.How to break the ice

Choose a time when your energy is at its peak, for some it might be in the morning and for some during evenings. Any workout if done continuously for 4 weeks will become a habit. Wear comfortable dresses when you go for a workout. Get your children or spouse or your best friend to accompany you, such that you will feel quite motivating and you will not break the routine until it becomes your routine. If there is a walking club in your society, join them, it’s a better idea. Human is a social animal, so anything done socially will give a sense of achievement.

Break the myth that exercise is something that has to be done in gym for long hours. Anything that involves a movement, burns up your calories and makes you feel better is a workout and stick on to it for further results.