Either you and your loved ones would have once in your lifetime have been affected by ring worm infection. It is quite a bothering infection as it is quite itchy and the worse part of it is, it is contagious. Knowing what a ring worm is, how does is affect and spread, its symptoms, how to get rid off ringworms with natural home remedies might help to fight it with inside information.

What is ringworm?

Ringworm is nothing but a fungal infection. When a person is affected by this infection, skin in a particular area where the infection is affected gets a round red patch. It is very itchy in nature. Common places where ring worm affects are typically hands, legs, scalp, feet, neck etc. To understand better, it infects the area where we usually sweat. The infection is contagious from one person to other person and from one part of the body to other part of the body. Medical term for ringworm is “dermatophytosis’.What is ringworm

Ringworms are spread through the following ways

  •         As explained earlier, it spreads from one person to other or from one part of the body to other part of the body. It is severely contagious.
  •         It easily spreads through pets, which usually acts like a carrier of fungus.
  •         A few times it spreads though soil, when the soil lacks certain nutrients.

Typical symptoms

Symptoms of ringworm include itchy and irritating skin, red circular fungal infection, and pus formation in the area that is infected, swelling in and around the infected area. In case hair scalp is infected then it might lead to loss of hair, scaling, hair fall in patches, itching etc. there are chances that multiple infections develop or a single infection develop severely and formation of pus around that area. It is advisable to avoid public places where a person might get in contact with a person affected by ring worm, also using a common pool etc will lead to spread of this infection from one person to other.

Home based treatments for ring worm

One has to be careful with ringworm infection as it can spread easily. Hence it has to be treated with utmost priority.  Usage of following few ingredients that are available at home can subside the infection and prevent it from spreading to other parts of the body and as well as to others.Home based treatments for ring worm

  •         Turmeric is renowned for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Hence applying turmeric making it a paste on the affected area will reduce the severity and prevent spreading.
  •         Garlic is also familiar for its medicinal properties. It is one of the famous products to treat ring worms. Take two or more garlic, crush it and place it on the affected area. Making a bandage during night would be ideal. It has to stay overnight to fight with the infection. The antiseptic property will kill the infection and prevent it from developing puss around the area.
  •         Tea tree oil is the most renowned herbal medicine for treating ringworm. Applying tea tree oil by mixing it with water can cure almost all kinds of skin problems and infections.
  •         Cut a piece of papaya and rubbing it over the infected area, gives relief of the infection and for a quick heal from the infection.
  •         Basil leaves is also an eminent herb that acts as a antibiotic to cure infections and heal the skin issues. Crush the leaves and apply the juice over the infection more than 3 times daily. Results can be witnessed in less than a week’s time.
  •         Aloe Vera is another familiar herb that smoothes the skin by making it free from any kind of impurities or infections. The gel that is extracted out of this herb is the best medicine for all kind of skin problems.
  •         Apart from all the external applications, drink lemon grass tea, which will act from within. It kills the infection that causes ringworm from inside the body, while the other remedies are external applications. If the herb is available then making a paste it could be applied, otherwise the tea bag that was used to make the tea can be placed over the ringworm infection which will reduce the infection.
  •         Salt is a natural bacterial infection fighter. Mix salt with a few drops of vinegar and apply it over the infection. Repeat this for a week and it will drive the ring worm infection.

After trying the above home remedies if the infection still persist or if it gets worst by forming pus cells, it’s advisable to meet a physician.