This is a skill to learn, which helps keep you at the top of your game all the time. While learning how to walk in high heels can be rather tricky, these tips will help bringing out the Gisele in everyone.
High heels form an important part of any girl’s wardrobe as it helps you look slimmer and taller while giving you the extra boost of confidence associated with wearing a your heels. It’s not enough to just wear high heels, you also need to know how you should and can walk in your heels.

 Wear a pair of heels you love

 If you have a pair of heels you are just fascinated with, but just can’t get the hang of walking in them, then slip them on! Like everything else you like in life, learning to walk in heels is much more fun when you love whatever you wear. Of course, make sure it’s the right size!

 In case it’s the first time you are wearing heels, and are nervous about wearing sky-high stilettos, don’t worry. You can always start with wedges. While they give you the height of heels, they are much easier to manage. Once you master, and feel comfortable wearing wedges, you can keep on adding inches.

 Sandpaper helps

 Scratching the bottom of your soles with sandpaper helps you walk in heels. Though it may seem absurd to scruff up shoes you have barely worn, it should be done as it helps give you additional traction, which is good while walking in heels.

 Sit down confidently

 Don’t feel ashamed to sit down every now and then. Do sit whenever and wherever possible as it gives your feet a chance to rest, and also to help you walk more comfortably. Moreover, if you sit with your legs crossed and stretched from the waist, you can show off your beautiful shoes.

 Use small stepspost-3-1

 Don’t walk overextending yourself with long and quick strides. When you wear heels, it naturally makes your stride shorter wherein you will have to take more steps than usual.

  Be self-conscious

 Walking in heels is a head-to-toe experience which should be done gracefully. Learn to relax your hips and knees, engage your abs, hold your head high and keep your shoulders back while walking. Though this may seem impossible to do at first, it does help you get your rhythm.

  Heel and then toe

 While walking in heels, make steps with your heel first and then toes. It looks great and gives you more balance. There however is an exception to this rule; which is when you are walking downstairs, your heel and toe should be together and if you are walking upstairs, you put all your weight on your toes. Moreover no matter how ready you think you are for Paris runways, it’s good to hold onto the railing.

  Practice makes perfect

 Like anything else in life, the only way you can and will master the art of high heel walking is with practice and practice. Wear them in your home whenever possible and go outside once in a while. When you go outside your house in heels, you grow more aware of your posture, technique and stride. It also proves helpful if you take notes on how other women walk.

 Try out different surfacespost-3-2

 As the entire world is not carpeted, you need to leave the plush confines of your bedroom and try out different surfaces. So try walking on tiles, hardwood, grass and basically any surface possible. The supermarket is the best place to practice. Though the floor is very slippery and you have people around you, you can stabilize yourself on the grocery cart as you glide up and down aisles.

Be ready for accidents

 You can expect to walk in your heels overnight. You will take tumbles; but don’t worry. You are not doomed to spend a life in flats just because of this. Just laugh off the tumble and keep on strutting.

 With practice, and the help of these 9 tips, you will soon master the art of walking in your heels as comfortably as you were walking in a pair of slippers!