It is a known fact that wrinkles is a part of aging and life. So you naturally expect wrinkles as you age; however there are some beauty habits and everyday routines that can quicken the wrinkling process. So here is a look at these bad habits, which if eliminated from your everyday routine, can slow down your wrinkling process.

1. Smoking is the most common cause for wrinkles as it has been proven through studies. So you now have an additional reason to cut your smoking habit; for both health and beauty reasons!

2. For young and healthy skin, you have to keep a watch on your diet. Too much of sugar and high-glycemic food not only affects your weight, but also makes you look older. It is through the glycation process that sugar molecules attach to your skin proteins and make them stiff and malformed.

This in turn leads to a loss in facial elasticity, contours, fine lines and puffiness. Moreover, refined sugar and other simple carbohydrates trigger inflammation in the body to cause insulin levels to skyrocket. This inflammation leads to the breakdown of collagen and elastin, which leads to sagging and wrinkles.

3. Drinking alcohol dehydrates the skin wherein it appears less plump and fresh the next morning. With time, your skin loses its elasticity and forms wrinkles because of lack of hydration.

Moreover, alcohol has a negative effect on vitamin A levels, which is an antioxidant needed for the regeneration of new cells in the skin and body. Vitamin A is also important for producing collagen which means the lower the levels of collagen, the lower your skin’s elasticity.

4. Regular chewing of gum leads to wrinkles on the lower mouth and other issues to the mouth structure. So stopping chewing gum can reduce your wrinkles and improve your skin.

5. You practically ask for wrinkles if you sleep with your makeup on. All the makeup that you leave, and the day’s environmental pollution seeps into your pores to break down collagen and elastin to speed up the aging process and leave you with wrinkles and fine lines. So make it a point to both cleanse and moisturize your skin every night before sleeping.

6. Avoid picking or pulling at your skin to remove pesky zits as it only causes damage, irritation, scars and even wrinkles. So stop picking at zits and let them come out naturally, or you can use natural products to eliminate them.

7. Do not stretch your skin to apply makeup as it only creates wrinkles. Just move your face while applying makeup, like everyone else does.

8. Skipping sunscreen can develop wrinkles as all it takes is a few minutes of sun exposure to lead to a breakdown of collagen, which in turn leads to fine lines and wrinkles. So no matter if it is raining or sunny outdoors, wear sunscreen so that you don’t suffer from much sun damage.

9. Sleeping on your face can lead to your getting sleep wrinkles from the pillow. So just sleep on a satin pillowcase that slides across your face, or sleep on your back to avoid wrinkles.