Malaria is spread through the bite of parasite-infected mosquitos and through contact with infected blood. Malaria is not contagious, but an infected pregnant woman can give it to her unborn child. Malaria have flu-like symptoms like fever, chills and muscle pain and as malaria can become serious, you need a blood test to determine how badly infected you are. While you should consult a doctor if it’s a major infection, if you have a minor infection, these 8 natural remedies for malaria should help you.

1. Cinnamons

Add 2 cloves, a stick of cinnamon and 15 gm. of chirayata to 250 ml of water and boil over medium heat. Drinking 1-2 teaspoon of the remedy helps ward off malaria. As cinnamon is an essential malaria cure boil a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon with a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of pepper powder in a glass of water. Drinking this  concoction everyday helps provide relief from malaria.

2. Wormwood and holy basil leaves

Sweet wormwood also helps fight against malaria. Just steep the herb in cold water and consume the concoction directly for best results. Even eating holy basil leaves in the raw or boiling some leaves in water and drinking as a tea helps provide a great natural remedy for malaria.

3. Fever nut seeds

Mix 6 grams of fever nut seeds, which is available in an herbal store, in a cup of water and drink it about two hours before an expected attack and an hour after an attack. It should be drunk no matter if you get an attack or not.

4. Grapefruit


Fruits and vegetable are always helpful at treating any disease as it builds the body’s immunity levels. Grapefruit juice or raw grapefruit is one such juice which can help control your malarial infection. Boiling quarter of a grapefruit and straining its pulp helps extract the fruit’s quinine-like substance making it a great herbal treatment for malaria. Even apples and oranges help in the natural healing of malaria.

5. Cold packs

Cold packs help treat malaria fever by reducing the body’s temperature. You can make a pack by wringing out a large square piece of linen in cold water and covering it tightly around your body or use hot water bottles to apply on your feet and whole body sides and forehead. Use this remedy when your body temperature is high to help reduce the temperature significantly.

6. Fenugreek seeds

As people with malaria feel weak, you need to take fenugreek seeds to boost your recovery by fighting the parasites and boosting your body immunity. Fenugreek seeds help treat the weakness you feel due to your fever.

7. Datura plant

Datura is an Indian herb which helps deal with malaria symptoms. Its leaves are especially ideal for treating tertian type of malaria. Just rub 2 ½ freshly sprouted datura  leaves into jiggery to make pills and take them at least 2 hours before the start of your malarial fever.

8. Lemon, lime and ginger

Lemon, lime and ginger

Squeeze an entire lemon’s juice and a few drops of lime in a cup. Add some warm or cold water to dilute the drink and mix till the drink is smooth enough to drink. Drink it every day till your malaria symptoms disappear. Also try cutting two or three small slices of ginger and putting into a pot of boiling water with two or three tablespoons of raisin. Boil till water reaches half its level and when cool, drink at least once a day till your malaria symptoms disappear.

Besides these 8 natural remedies, you need to follow a healthy diet of fresh fruits and milk to treat malaria fever. Eat light and minimize the consumption of butter, oil, spicy and junk foods. As prevention is always better than cure, it’s better to avoid travelling to places where malaria is common as you’ll only invite trouble.

This is especially important for children and pregnant women. If you live some place where malaria is rampant, stay indoors at night as mosquitos carrying malaria are active at night. And wear protective clothing which covers you most of the time like long-sleeve shirts and pants and sleep with a mosquito net so that bugs don’t reach your face.