Don’t worry if you are looking for ways to fight puffy eyes as you aren’t the only one with the problem. Practically everyone wakes up looking less than their best and want to eliminate them pronto. Though there are loads of options to get rid of puffy eyes, here are seven of the easiest and best treatments around.

1. Cucumber slices

Women who lie with cucumber slices on their eyes while at a salon do it for a purpose, to get rid of puffy eyes. Just make sure the cucumber is really cold before slicing it. Then, go to bed with the slices on your eyes to feel refreshed to face the day in no time at all.

Cucumber slices

2. Spoons

Spoons are not meant only for your morning cornflakes. A few spoons work wonders on your eye area by providing the perfect way to fight puffy eyes. Just pop a couple of spoons in the refrigerator before sleeping and on getting up, press the backsides of the spoons on your puffy eyes. The coldness of the spoons help reduce the swelling and puffy look.

3. Massage

While a massage may sound counterintuitive, a mini facial massage works wonders as it stimulates the area. This in turn helps drain the fluid and reduce your puffy eyes. With your fingers, gently rub under your eyes in a circular motion for few minutes and you will see results.

4. Caffeine

Caffeine has to be applied directly under your eye bags and the best way to do this is with a facial cream containing caffeine. Caffeine works by pulling water out of your skin and this helps reduce the appearance of the bags rather easily. While drinking caffeine may be a must in the early morning, it does not have the same effect on puffy eyes.

5. Hemorrhoid cream

Though you may not be comfortable applying hemorrhoid cream to your eyes, remember that it is designed to constrict but in a different location than under your eyes! Don’t worry, the cream doesn’t know the different between your backside and face, so use it to shrink those under eye bags when you get up in the morning.

6. Potato slices

Like cucumber slices, potato slices help reduce the puffy look when placed over your eyes. Potatoes have anti-inflammatory properties which help counteract the fluid build-up under your eyes. Make sure you slice the potatoes and make them really cold before you lay them on your eyes as chilled slices combat puffiness better than warm ones.

Potato slices

7. Lots of water

There are lots of benefits to drinking enough water every day, and one of these benefits is fighting under eye puffiness. If you wonder how drinking water can keep those bags away, it’s because your body does not hold onto water that much if it is hydrated, as it does not need to store up reserves. If you drink lots of water, you will be able to easily get rid of your puffy eyes, without any effort at all.

So if you get up every morning to puffy eyes, try out these techniques and your puffy eye problem will surely disappear!