Sometimes, no matter how much you exercise and eat right, you find that just don’t seem to be losing weight. All this waste of all your weight loss efforts is attributed to these little-known metabolism wreckers that restrict the number of calories you burn.

1. Drinking insufficient water

As your body requires fluids to perform all its body functions, it does not burn as many calories if it’s not performing these functions well. So make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, excluding your coffee, tea, carbonated drinks and alcohol drinks. One or two glasses of fresh fruit or vegetable juice however is okay as it has its share of health effects on your body.

2. Insufficient vitamin D

Insufficient vitamin D leads to slow weight loss and increased ghrelin hormone levels, the hormone that makes you hungry. As its difficult getting vitamin D from your diet, it’s better taking a supplement when you don’t get sufficient vitamin D from sunlight to lose more weight.

3. Too much of cardio

It is a fact that exercise is necessary to increase your body metabolism; however if you only run or do indoor cycling, you don’t build the lean muscle required to give your body metabolism a boost. So introduce some strength training to your workouts for increased calorie burn.

4. Midnight snacks

If you have a habit of having midnight snacks, it hampers your weight loss efforts. As though you need to eat regularly to maintain your metabolism levels, research suggests that going without food for about 12 hours could be better for your body metabolism. So you only end up hurting your metabolism if you have a midnight snack before your morning workout.

5. Eliminating coffee from your diet

Though caffeine is actually a bad rap, it can improve your calorie burn. This does not mean that you can drink as many cups of coffee and tea as you like; however if you have a habit of drinking green tea or coffee most days, retain it as a part of your daily routine to help improve your body metabolism.

6. Insufficient sleep

People who are constantly deprived of sleep weigh more than those with a good night’s rest. This is because it throws the appetite control hormones out of control and makes you hungrier, to thus eat more. So at least get seven hours of sleep every night.

7. Constant stress

Being in constant stress is not only unpleasant to you; it is also bad for your body metabolism. Once the big stress hormone cortisol gets activated, your body turns into fat-storage mode. So if you seem to always be on the edge, try some relaxation techniques like exercising, meditating, taking a deep breath or by getting a massage.
So now you know the reason for your untold weight gain despite all your exercise and diet, work at rectifying these mistakes and thus increasing your body metabolism for increased weight loss.