Hair loss is a problem many people suffer from because of various factors like diet, stress, environmental pollution, mineral deficiencies, genetics and even wearing of helmets. Genetics is the most prevailing reason for hair loss which can lead to male or female pattern baldness.

So though it is difficult to completely stop the genetics forces of nature, it is possible to slow down the process and avoid hair loss. Here are some tips to reduce bald spots and thinning hairlines by preventing hair loss.

1. As hair requires nutrients to grow, and its major source is vitamins, make sure your diet includes vitamins B6, B12 and vitamin D to supply the body with nutrients and to balance hormones in the body.

Hormonal imbalance leads to premature balding so balancing of hormones reduces the chances of balding. Also include zinc, calcium, iron, soy, protein and gelatine protein to your diet.

2. As high stress levels can lead to hair loss by aggravating the production of cortisol in the body, it can make you look old and your head bald. So do everything possible to reduce stress by exercising and socializing with friends.high stress levels can lead to hair loss

Even hair styling and treatment products stress your hair to induce hair loss. So to prevent hair loss it’s better to avoid hair sprays and dyes with hair damaging chemicals. Instead use harmless hair conditioners and shampoos with natural ingredients.

3. Chlorine and salts damage hair follicles to lead to premature balding. As the water in tap water and swimming pools have chlorine for antiseptic reasons, use a chlorine-filtering showerhead to protect your hair. Also avoid wetting your hair in the pool by wearing a shower cap while in the pool or showers.

As salt is high in ocean water, wear a shower cap while swimming. In case you find it difficult preventing your hair from contacting salt or chlorinated water, rinse your hair thoroughly with a natural hair conditioner immediately after coming out of the water.

4. Dietary changes can help prevent hair loss. Follow a high protein diet as diet is important for producing keratin, a hair protein. So try to take proteins every 3-5 hours to help with the production of keratin. So eat more of eggs, green vegetables, bananas, tuna, fish, beans, cashew nuts, wheat and oats.

5. Smoking can lead to high hair loss because the carbon monoxide inhaled prevents oxygen from passing through the blood, which in turn prevents nutrients from reaching hair follicles. Even drinking contributes to baldness; so the less the drink the less the hair fall.Smoking can lead to high hair loss

This is because alcohol reduces zinc absorption, causes dehydration that reduces the absorption of nutrients and leads to brittle hair and increased hair loss.

6. Hair transplant and scalp reduction can help prevent hair loss. Hair transplant is best for those with patchy baldness because of hereditary hair loss wherein small hair sections from the scalp are removed and transplanted to the bald sections. In case of scalp reduction, bald skin is replaced with bearing hair follicles.