With age setting in most women start being concerned about the skin becoming dry and parched. This is exactly why there is a lot of talk about treating dry skin and this is most commonly seen and heard about in terms of anti-ageing skin care. However, a lot of other women try to get help in dealing with a completely different issue which is anti-ageing skin care methods for oily skin.

Sometime, women experience a lot of oil secretion on the skin and this is caused because of excess production of sebum in abnormally enlarged sebaceous glands. It is identified that oily skin may be the resultant of your diet, fitness, age, ethnicity or the climate in which you live in. Anti-ageing treatment for oily skin is a very sensitive issue because if not done properly it can hinder the results as well as create a lot of other problems such as skin irritations, wrinkles and even pimples.

A very easy way out helping with anti-ageing for oily skin is using certain products developed for the purpose. However it is mandatory to ensure that the products are gentle and can be used on a daily basis especially if you have oily skin. If you are still not very comfortable using products available for the purpose then there are a lot of home remedies that can help work as anti-ageing for oily skin.

5 Natural Anti-ageing Skincare Remedies

  • Citrus Fruits

Consuming citrus fruits on a regular basis does a world of good for people with oily skin as oranges and lemons have astringent properties that work on reducing tiny pores on the skin leading to cleansing and brightening the skin without making it even oilier. But the acidic nature of citrus fruits and can produce an adverse effect if used alone. Combining this citrus juice along with a moisturizing ingredient like honey of water reduces the acidic nature and makes it perfect to use on oily skin. Using a cotton ball dab the mixture on the skin instead of washing the face with it.Citrus Fruits

  • Apple cider vinegar

Research has it that Apple cider vinegar is perfect to fix oily skin and to reduce the signs of ageing. This wonder ingredient help in stabilizing the pH level of the skin because it has an acidic base. It helps in anti-ageing by fighting the bacteria that causes acne and also absorbs the extra sebum is secreted on the skin. A lot of other toxins that are formed in the pores are also absorbed by this apple cider vinegar. Diluting the Apple cider vinegar with distilled water is very essential when using it on oily skin. It is also vital that you use the raw and organic apple cider vinegar.

  • Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil works wonders only if it is consumed in your daily diet. Being high in alpha linolenic acid, flaxseed oil is one kind of omega-3 fatty acid. Studies suggest that consuming on a daily basis flaxseed oil supplements reduce the sensitivity of the skin and skin roughness while also improving the moisture of the skin and its smoothness. Flaxseed oil intake can help improve this skin condition and make it healthier so that there is moderate production of sebum.

  • Honey

Honey is one of the main ingredients used in many anti-ageing products used on the skin. Honey is a humectant which helps reclaim the moisture of the skin and therefore keeps it hydrated. It is a natural moisturizer and applying it regularly on the face of will keep you away from acne and also leave the skin young and smooth.


  • Potatoes

Potatoes contain anti ageing properties and therefore are considered very good for the skin. You can rub raw potato slices on areas where you find dark pigmentation or blemishes or you can make a paste of the potato after peeling of the skin and then apply this paste on the affected area. Potato also acts as an anti ageing product and is treated to remove fine lines and wrinkles from the face. If Crow feet is your concern then you can easily get rid of them by placing two slices of potato on the ice for a minimum of 10 min.

When all these natural anti ageing remedies are available in your kitchen it actually does not make sense to keep spending a lot of money on anti-ageing products. Make use of these economical remedies to get glowing and young looking skin at home.