Yellow teeth is the cause why many people hesitate to smile. They feel embarrassed about their teeth and thus do not open their mouth because of it. However instead of shutting mouths up, it’s better if people with yellow teeth learnt about its causes, and how it could be prevented.
There are two main reasons for your teeth to slowly turn from white to yellow. The first known reason is the food and drinks which directly stain your teeth. The second less commonly known reason is the acids in some foods and drinks which wear away your teeth’s white enamel coating.

For example, soda is very acidic and regularly leaving it on your teeth can lead to the wearing down of your teeth’s protective outer layer.

Reasons for teeth turning yellow

Reasons for teeth turning yellow
Tooth enamel is naturally white when it is at its thickest. It grows translucent as it wears down and then slowly starts showing through to the next tooth layer underneath called dentin. It is this dentin layer of your teeth which has a naturally yellower tone than the enamel coating it.

This is why the thinner the enamel layer becomes, the more yellow your teeth looks. This is the main reason you see so many elderly people with relatively yellow teeth as the longer you’ve had your teeth, the higher are the chances of its white protective coatings wearing down.

How to prevent yellow teeth

How to prevent yellow teeth
It is a fact that foods like coffee, black tea, sugary sweets, curries and wine can stain and make your teeth yellow. You may think that the best thing to do to prevent your teeth from growing yellow is by brushing your toothbrush immediately after eating them. However you would be doing a mistake if you did this.

In fact, your dental enamel grows soft with half an hour of eating one of these foods or drinking these drinks. So if you brush your teeth during this time, it only ends up making things worse as it wears away the weakened enamel. If you want to brush your teeth, do it within the hour of eating these foods as your teeth enamel should harden by then.

A better option is to remember to do these simple 2 things after you eat or drink any teeth staining foods. The first thing to do is drink some water after your meal or drink and swirl it in your mouth to clear away acidic and staining compounds. This one step itself makes a whole difference on the whiteness of your teeth.

Saliva provides natural defense

The second tip to remember is to get as much saliva into your mouth after eating, and have it move over your teeth. It’s easy after drinking water and necessary as saliva is your mouth’s natural defense against enamel cavities, stains and erosion.

If you have heard about chewing sugar-free gum after meals, it’s not advised as sugar-free gum has dangerous aspartame. Just drink and swirl water around and you can build up some saliva to protect your teeth against yellowing.

With time, this grows into a habit which keeps your teeth strong, white and protected no matter how much teeth staining foods and drinks you consume. Your teeth will at least be white enough so that you are not afraid to show them off when you smile!