When reviewing different recommendations on how to improve one’s health, it is easy to become overwhelmed at the sheer quantity of available information. Different magazines and newspapers continually print news stories about fresh findings unveiled as a result of different scientific studies or sponsored research efforts. Given the deluge of information churn, separating the useful, actionable findings from the less useful findings can be difficult. At the same time, it can be exceedingly expensive to personally purchase, implement, and evaluate the ongoing effectiveness of the various supplements or dietary regimes recommended in these publications. Regardless of one’s specific experience in this area, the practice of drinking lemon water early in the morning serves as one immensely beneficial health practice that is a simple, low cost option. The provided analysis breaks down the 13 awesome health benefits of drinking lemon water early in the morning. If you would like to experience these benefits, simply squeeze a lemon into a glass, fill the rest with water, and consume in the early morning hours.

1. Lemon Water Increases Skin Vitality

People are naturally drawn to someone with healthy, vibrant skin. Clear, vibrant skin is a strong signal of natural vitality. Drinking lemon water early in the morning definitely contributes to achieving this goal by combating free radical accumulation in skin cells. The secret lies in the quantity of Vitamin C delivered via lemon water intake. Maintaining sufficient vitamin C levels in the body acts as a natural reinforcement to skin structure and helps maintain skin resiliency against wrinkle development and other premature aging processes. This crucial vitamin can also reduce acne and other troublesome blemishes. Preserve your youthful skin by drinking lemon water early upon rising each day.

  Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water early in the morning

2. Keep Your Hair Flowing with Lemon Water

Like skin quality, long, voluminous hair signals vigor and vivacity. Politicians and entertainment celebrities alike, whether male or female, often garner specific prestige within the press for their hairstyles. Ancient noblemen and Viking explorers grew their beards long as a show of dominance and unyielding courage. While the modern era involves fewer dangerous ventures, the benefits of healthy hair persist. Lemon water consumption, by increasing vitamin C levels in the body, cuts down on various hair care issues, such as dandruff, split ends, dryness, and even premature hair loss. Avoid spending large sums of money on expensive hair care shampoos and conditioners. Lemon water will do the job.

3. Lemon Water Keeps your Heart Healthy

The heart is the central engine of the human body. It is responsible for pumping oxygenated blood to all the other organs and muscles throughout the human organism. Do not take your heart health for granted. Seemingly healthy exercise enthusiasts have experienced quick deaths due to heart attacks. Much worse is the suffering and loss of energy one will experience at the hand of a more progressive disease like congestive heart failure. Drinking lemon water early in the morning provides a healthy dose of potassium and vitamin C, which contributes to a healthy blood pressure and lowered cholesterol levels, respectively. Such a combination significantly reduces the probability of blood clotting, effectively reducing the possibility of heart attacks or other deadly myocardial incidents.

4. Lemon Water Improves Mineral Absorption

Including a diverse array of fruits and vegetables in one’s daily dietary regimen serves as great habit, but one will not realize the health benefits of such habit if the nutrients are not absorbed via the gut. Due the stressful nature of modern life and the increasing presence of chemical plastics in everyday household products, many people have diminished gut absorption capabilities. A small glass of lemon water in the early morning hours will help purify the gut and subsequently increase its mineral absorption capacities. Important minerals, like magnesium, iron, and potassium, delivered via fruit and vegetable consumption will be absorbed at higher rates, thus preventing possible health problems caused by mineral deficiencies.

5. Assure a healthy pH balance with Lemon Water

Your body’s internal chemistry drives how you feel, look, and operate in daily life. Fundamental concepts and lessons learned from high school chemistry classes may be completely gone from your memories, but recent chemical research underlines the importance of keeping your blood alkaline. Alkaline blood requires a pH level above 7.0. Lemons are naturally acidic, but lemon water, when consumed early in the morning, sets off a chain chemical reaction with natural salts and other chemical components in the blood to ultimately increase blood pH levels. Keeping blood levels in an alkaline state will prevent numerous health maladies including irritable bowels, joint pain, and migraines.

 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water early in the morning

6. Lemon Water is a Natural Cleanser and Detoxifying Agent

Speaking of troublesome bowels and faulty digestion, few things are worse than living with the bloated, heavy feeling that accompanies such a condition. Sometimes the stomach simply needs a reset, or period of cleansing in order to detoxify from the constant bombardment of processed food and artificial flavors it regularly encounters due to our busy, on-the-go lifestyles. The compounds within lemon juice help reset the stomach by ridding it of accumulated toxic residue left behind in the digestive process. Cleansing the body of such toxic build up is a strategy that yields comprehensive improvements with regards digestion and reduction in bloating. Most importantly, you will feel rejuvenated.

7. Keep your Smile Bright with Lemon Water

The anti-bacterial properties of lemon juice provide great oral health benefits. Lemon juice is a natural anti-bacterial agent. Regular consumption of lemon juice will prevent harmful bacteria from establishing colonies in the crevices of your teeth and gums. In the long run, avoid painful toothaches, gingivitis, and cavities. The prices of dental insurance and comprehensive dental coverage are continually rising. Early morning consumption of lemon water is a great preventative measure for any budget-conscious person concerned about their future oral health. Such a practice also addresses more pressing day to day concerns by eliminating bad breath before you head out to your job or other daily activities.

8. Lemon Water Serves a Cold and Flu Remedy

Everyone has suffered at the hands of the routine cold or seasonal flu. Whether you had to spend days in bed with a high fever or simply dealt with unrelenting sinus congestion, lemon water ease the suffering you could experience at the hands of the cold and flu. As with the previously mentioned weight loss benefits, it helps to add a little honey to your usual concoction of lemon juice and water. Antioxidant and anti-microbial elements within the lemon juice will combat infectious elements in your body, killing foreign bacteria and noxious viral elements. Additionally, the soothing combination of warm water, honey, and lemon juice will alleviate sore throat pain and open congested nasal pathways. Breathe easier and feel better after drinking this early morning lemon juice, warm water, and honey combination.

9. Lemon Water Prevents Urinary Tract Infections

Compounds within lemon juice serve as a natural diuretic, increasing the body’s natural production of urine. On a glance, this may seem to be a drawback, but as long as one drinks a sufficient quantity of water throughout the day, there will be no dangerous side effects. So what is the benefit of such an effect? Simply put, increased urination more effectively flushes out harmful bacteria in the urinary tract, decreasing the likelihood of dangerous bacterial growth and eventual infection in the urinary tract. If you suffer from persistent urinary tract infections, consider drinking some lemon water every morning as a preventive measure.

10. Use Lemon Water as a Weight Loss Booster

Along the same lines of cleansing the digestive system and reducing toxic agents in the body, early morning lemon water consumption stimulates the weight loss process. Consider combining your usual lemon water drink with a shot of honey for added weight loss benefits. While one will not be able to detect the physical effect, the combination of lemon water and honey serves to naturally increase the metabolic cycle in the human body. As a result the body burns more energy, thus tapping excessive residual fat stores more frequently. Consistently drinking lemon water in the early mornings will result in weight loss overall several weeks assuming one does not increase caloric consumption.

11. Enhance the Immune System with Lemon Water

One’s individual resiliency to harmful bacteria, virus, and toxins present in the everyday environment is largely dependent on the strength of one’s immune system. Our bodies are attacked on a daily basis by germs and other disease agents. Work, school, the gym, and other leisure centers all have the potential to attack our immune systems. A resilient immune system will withstand such threats, but a weak immune system will bend and eventually break. Lemon juice’s inclusive anti-virus and anti-microbial compounds boost the immune system and will keep you protected from such disease agents. It is an easy and cheap solution to prevent potential sickness.

12. Achieve Optimum Digestion with Lemon Water

Digestion is something everyone should take seriously. Nutrient absorption, energy levels, and mental clarity are all directly related to the state of one’s digestive system. Modern scientists and researchers are only beginning to completely unravel the relationship between digestive health and brain health. Several have begun to suggest that poor digestion and gut problems can be significant causative factors that can lead to depression or other mental calamities. Compounds in lemon juice boost digestion and augment the capabilities of the stomach. Even if you have are not worried about your digestive system, consider a daily routine of lemon water in the early mornings to see if you note the difference how your digestion system feels.

13. Enhance Your Mood with Lemon Water

Considering the diverse range of benefits explored in the sections above, many individuals who regularly consume lemon water have testified to its mood enhancing benefits. People report increased confidence in the workplace, more motivation to hit the gym, and increased results in the dating world as a result of a more positive and upbeat state of mind due to regular lemon water consumption. This is due to the Vitamin C and other natural compounds in lemons. Depression, anxiety, or general mental malaise will be no threat to your mood with this lemon water routine.

No matter how complicated your daily routine, you can surely find the time and space in your kitchen to prepare a simple lemon water drink every morning. Buy a bag of lemons during your weekly trip to the market and leave it on your counter. Squeeze a fresh lemon into a glass and fill the rest of the glass with water. Drink it every morning on an empty stomach to receive the benefits outlined above. There are few other health practices that can compete with regards to cost, simplicity, and the multitude of benefits.