In an age where OTC drugs are the trend, people seem to under estimate some herbs that have treating traits. Some of these herbs have been used to treat common health problems in the past. Giloy happens to be one such herb that has healing properties. It is a bitter plant that is mostly categorized as Ayurvedic. It is an age old herb that is mostly common in India. It also grows and is commonly used in other parts of South Eastern Asia, Africa and Australia. Since it is a climber, it depends on other plants for support. It can as well use electric and telephone poles as support and does well in areas that are 1200 above sea level. It is identified through different names in different places, the most common one being Amruta- which means nectar as well as Amrita- which means the “the root immorality”. All this is because its stem and roots can be used to make FDA approved drugs. The presence of rich chemicals makes it ideal to treat various ailments. Here are the ten surprising factors that Giloy possesses.

1. Helps improve immunity
Giloy has properties to boost immunity. Giloy has antioxidants that aid it fight against free-radicals, purifies blood and fight bacteria. Experts use Giloy to combat liver and heart related infections and conditions. It is also considered helpful in treating infertility.

2. Boosts digestion
Giloy is known to help in digestion and treat any digestion problem. It mainly helps the mind to relax and prevent constipation. Regularly consume amix of powdered Giloy with amla or the juice from Giloy stem mixed with milk or honey in order to achieve great results. If you are suffering from piles, or you know someone who suffers from piles, this will a great home remedy.

3. Asthma


Giloy helps reduce asthmatic problems. For so long it has been known to have anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce the effects of asthma. Asthma, as we all know, is a dangerous disease that causes strained breathing, coughing and chest pains among others. It has proved challenging to deal with this condition. Any positive step toward combating this condition must be acknowledged. A simple home remedy of Giloy can go a long way in helping to reduce the effects of asthma. Doctors recommend it to asthmatic patients. The roots and backs of Giloy can be used to make a juice that is helpful in treating asthma and other respiratory diseases.

4. Boosts eye sight
For so many years in some parts of Indian Giloy has been known to treat eye disorders. Giloy boosts clarity to the extent of some patients seeing without the use of spectacles. Initially Giloy is boiled in water, allowed to cool and it is applied on the eye lid.

5. Minimize stress and anxiety
For so long Giloy has been known to have adaptogenic properties. This means it has the ability to minimize stress and anxiety. In case you suffer from memory loss Giloy will help you boost your memory. It can also be more attentive at work. When combined with other herbs, Giloy has the making of a good health tonic. Giloy juice has been known to clear nervous toxins and thus help to boost brain function.

6. Treats Diabetes
Another name for Giloy in India is Gluchi, and is used a remedy for diabetes. It has been known to have hypoglycemic properties that have been known to treat diabetes. Giloy has been popular in treating of type 2 diabetes. The Gluchi juice can bring down high blood sugar. Since Giloy has blood purifying properties it can reduce levels of blood pressure. This can be very helpful to patients suffering from diabetes.

7. Gouty arthritis


Giloy can go a long way in reducing the pains associated with gouty arthritis. It has been known to have both anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties that are crucial in treating arthritis. When Giloy powder is mixed with milk it can help to reduce joint pains. When mixed with ginger it can be used to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis.

8. Treat chronic fever
Recurrent fevers can be a big mess. Treating it can be a bit expensive and that’s why home remedies like Giloy are a welcome addition. Giloy is anti-pyreptic which makes it the perfect remedy for treating some threatening fever conditions. With Giloy you can get rid of ailments like Malaria, swine flu and cough. When combined with honey it will make the perfect remedy to successfully treat Malaria. It also gets rid of symptoms of dengue fever and it is known to increase blood platelets.

9. Has properties to reduce aging signs
Let’s admit it; the thought of aging is not so welcoming. No one pictures themselves with wrinkles, dark spots and a dry skin. But the truth is we will all get old, in fact we are aging by the day. The once bright and young skin is wrinkling slowly. However, thanks to Giloy we can delay aging. Indians have known that Giloy has some anti-aging supplements. It will help you reduce wrinkles, pimples and some scars. Giloy will help your skin to remain young, bright and glowing for a longer while.

10. Aphrodisiac
For ages Indians have treated low libido using Giloy. For those who feel they are not good enough or for those who want to spice up their sex life, they can do so with Giloy. Researchers have found that Giloy contains aphrodisiac properties which arekey to boosting low libido.

Some of the other benefits of Giloy include; increase in appetite, reducing excessive bleeding during menstruation as well as purifying milk in lactating mother. Since it is antioxidants in nature it helps in cancer treatment. It is also known to cure stomach ulcers, jaundice and anemia. When mixed with other complements like cow milk it can cure Leucorrhoea. Benefits of Giloy are simply endless.

Wondering I there is any side effect? Naturally Giloy is 100% safe for human consumption. It is perfect herb for making home remedies though it is important to note that consumption of Giloy can result in constipation and low blood sugar. Also regular consumption of Giloy can be a disadvantage to diabetes patients. Keep on monitoring the levels of your blood sugar if you are a regular consumer of Giloy. Pregnant women are advised to keep off Giloy. Giloy is not safe for kids under the age of 5 years and kids above this age should not Giloy doses for more than 2 weeks. With the above reasons it is evident that Giloy has more merits than demerits. One can comfortably add it to your remedies.